The outermost coffin of Tutankhamun was untouched for 3500 years until Howard Carter finally broke the seal on the inner sanctum of the Pharaoh’s tomb in the 1920s. What a sight to behold.

Measuring 2.24 meters long with its head facing in a westerly direction, the huge coffin of the king is bejewelled with layers of golden sheets. The sheeting varies in colour so that it gives the face a scary foreboding look. Howard Carter called it “An impression of the greyness in death”. On both the left and right sides of the coffin there are inscriptions of Iris and Nephthys - protecting the pharaoh in death with their arms extended.

The sarcophagus has four handles, two on each side. These were made specifically to lower the coffin down into place. 3500 years later those same handles were used to raise Tutankhamun back out.

And so the legend began.