PSUSENNES I 1047–1001 BC

The precise reign of this pharaoh is not known for certain but most scholars agree upon the above date. Psusennes is the only Pharaoh whose tomb was never broken into by tomb robbers until its discovery in 1940 by the legendary Egyptologist Pierre Montet.

Psusennes was buried in a recycled coffin that was used 170 years earlier to bury Merenptah, the successor of Ramesses II and his still readable cartouches on the lid showed.

The gold funerary mask above was discovered on Psusennes’s body. It pails in comparison to that of Tutankhamun but at this point in history, Egypt was not as great as it once was.

The name given to this stage in Egyptian chronology is called the ‘Third Intermediate Period’. Egypt by this point was in serious decline.