When Howard Carter discovered Tutankhamun’s tomb in 1922, he also found jewellery including bracelets, anklets, buckles, scarabs, amulets, pendants, pectorals, necklaces, earrings, collars, ear studs and rings. He also found;

6 chariots!

But that’s not all. Also recovered were, several couches, chairs, 2 thrones, ritual beds and headrests, anthropoid (man-shaped) gilded coffins and the solid gold coffin, shrines -canopic shrine and burial shrines, funeral equipment, naos covered with gold lamina- a shrine in which statues were kept - this naos was empty but decorated with scenes of daily life and hunting, gilded statues - Anubis and life-size sentry statues and other statuettes, chests, daggers and other weapons and shields, musical instruments, scribal equipment, lamps, ornaments, caskets, vases and jars, 139 ebony, ivory, silver, and gold walking sticks, clothing made of the finest linen - 50 garments including tunics, kilts, gloves, scarves and headdresses, Ostrich fans and golden fans, games - ebony gaming boards including Senet, food, 30 jars of wine and a large selection of perfume, oils and ointments.

It is often said that Tutankhamun’s tomb is relatively small compared to the tombs of Ramesses II and Seti I. Can you imagine what could have been found in those tombs if they weren’t found and plundered during antiquity? The treasures would have been astronomical.