Our Story

The Socians is an Entertainment Media Company Started in the year 2019 by two Best Friends, Vishal and Tejeshwani after failing in 7 ventures. Vishal got the bug to start a business from their last year of engineering graduation and so he started an Education Institute. Tejeshwani was more focussed to get into a corporate job but she drove into the business to help Vishal. Both of them tried hard but eventually, they had to close the institute and she continued her dream of getting into Big Notch Corporate Job. 

Tejeshwani cracked the job in a Multinational Firm while Vishal couldn't. She started her job with excitement and passion while Vishal was still searching for another idea and soon he started his second venture which again failed. He understood that he needs his friend but as she was enjoying her work he didn't bother her. So, he started Advance Java Development course as he loved coding to get a job. On the other hand, Tejeshwani was highly appreciated and won awards but things started changing and she seemed lost. She soon understands that this is not what she likes and as she says "I didn’t have a lot of heart in my job” and was itching to do something more meaningful. Meanwhile, after completing the course Vishal half-heartedly was searching a job and faced a lot of rejection as he can never be really interested in getting a one but parent's pressure made him go and search a job but when Tejeshwani approached him again, they started their third venture while she was in her job and Vishal concentrating entirely on the development of the Venture. 

Tejeshwani and Vishal have always Compliment each other in skills where Vishal is a Geek, Introvert, Knowledgeable and been the Idea tank, Tejeshwani is the Extrovert, great people skills, motivator and Marketing person. There one failure lead to another and soon they failed in 4 more ventures. Tejeshwani realized she cannot do two things together, she finally decided to leave her job knowing that it may result in huge financial crisis but Vishal was her strength and she left her job and decided to fully focus on their Entrepreneurial dream.

Tejeshwani contacted her former schoolmate and content expert Rudrani De and they all spent long hours discussing what they should do. Both of them discovered Rudrani was also going through a difficult time and a huge financial crisis. She thought first they should do something to help her and suddenly they got an idea to start a website that can be satisfying for all the curious people in the world. They say that though people say that Google is an answer to everything but Google too is empty lacking a lot of information about unknown things. They finally got an idea that can circulate and cover the globe. They come up with distinctive genres that are not touched by mainstream media but that never fails to amaze people. Their long discussion came to an end with framing The Socians. 

The Socians was built to bring the lesser-known and discussed contents in an interesting and broad range of comprehensive and enlightening articles on the subject range from bizarre, crimes, occult, history & mystery, untold stories, mini-blogs and a forum to satisfy the thirst of knowledge and curiosity. It strives to maintain a balance of healthy scepticism and entertainment while never losing our sense of humour.

In later 2019, the website was released with a small team of core members and employees working with a hard determination and passion to deliver amazing contents to all the readers. 

Later in December 2019, they added another genre about #MeToo with a vision to bring the non discussed topic and collected Real Story across the Internet to give a momentum to the world #MeToo and provide a platform to all the people to voice their opinion through comments. 

The Entire Team in  The Socians works day and hard with a common goal to build a strong community and bring the Untold for the curious people around the world.