11 Funniest Engineering Jokes to Make Your Day

It is well said by someone "Engineering is all about laziness in the name of a better life." Engineers are known for their extraordinary sense of humour. We have collected some 11 Funniest Engineering Jokes to make you laugh. Feel free to share yours in the comments if you have a good one.

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An Extra One for those who took the Effort to Scroll till the End:

MBA and A Engineering Student Go On A Camping Trip, Set Up Their Tent and Fell Asleep.

Some Hours Later, The BE Wakes His MBA Friend And Says: “Look Up At The Sky And Tell Me What You See?”

The MBA replies: “I See Millions Of Stars.”

The BE Asks: “What Does That Tell You?”

The MBA Ponders For A Minute. “Astronomically Speaking, It Tells Me That There Are Millions Of Galaxies and Potentially Billions Of Planets. Astrologically, It Tells Me That Saturn is in Leo. TimeWise, It Appears To Be Approximately A Quarter Past Three. Theologically, It’s Evident The Lord is All-Powerful And We Are Small and Insignificant. Meteorological, It Seems We will Have A Beautiful Day Tomorrow.

What Does It Tell You?”

The BE is Silent for A Moment, then Speaks: “Practically, Someone Has Stolen Our Tent.”

"Engineering = 100% Common Sense"

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