15 Amazing Unknown Facts About Dreams One Should Know

1. Within 5 minutes of Waking Half of your Dream is Forgotten. Within 10 minutes, 90% is gone.

2. People who became blind after birth can see Images in their Dreams.

3. Everybody Dreams.

4. In Our Dreams, We Only See Faces That We Already Know.

5. Not Everybody Dreams in Color.

6. Dreams are Symbolic. To Learn More About The Symbols & Meaning of Dreams Read Here.

7. The most common emotion experienced in dreams is anxiety. Negative emotions are more common than positive ones.

8. You can have Four to Seven dreams in One Night.

9. Animals Dream Too.

10. Body Paralyzes to prevent any Movement in Dreams.

11. Dream Incorporates the Happening around you during your Sleep.

12. Men and Women Dream Differently.

13. Precognitive Dreams and persons who Believe that Precognitive Dreams are True to have Higher Precognitive Dreams than those who don't Believe.

14. If you are snoring, then you cannot be Dreaming.

15. You can experience an o r g a s m in your dream.

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