16 Hidden Secret of Dreams & Their Meanings Revealed Here in this Article. Read Till End.

1. You cannot Snor and Dream at the Same Time.

2. The Average person has About 1,460 dreams a Year.

3. Most of us Dream Every 90 Minutes.

4. The Longest Dreams(30-45 Mins.) occur in the Morning.

5. Dreams of Losing Teeth or Having Teeth extracted can signify many things, including Fears of Helplessness or of some sort of Loss in One's Life.

6. Dreams of Dirty Water may be a Signal of the Unconscious Mind of telling the Dreamer that he/she is Not Healthy.

7. Finding Oneself in a Cemetry in the Dreams may indicate Sadness or Unresolved Grief.

8. Visualizing or Eating Chocolate in a Dream may symbolize that the dreamer feels the need to be Rewarded and Deserves Special Treatment.

9. Cakes in Dreams can signify a Time to Rejoice at one's Accomplishments or to celebrate New Relationships or Work Efforts that have been Successful but Not necessarily Acknowledged.

10. Standing on a Cliff in a Dream can represent that One has a Broad view of Something or that the Dreamer feels like he/she is Living on the Edge or is Afraid of Failure.

11. Large Bodies of Water often symbolize the Unconscious, so Dreams of Drowning may indicate being Overwhelmed by Unconscious, Repressed issues. Drowning can also symbolize that the Dreamer is Entering A New Stage of Development and that the Old Self is "Dying".

12. Colours in Dreams can be interpreted only in the context of the dreamer's Relationship with that Colour. For example, the colour Red may be experienced as Love or S*x for one person - but for someone else, Red may denote Blood or Destruction.

13. Feet in Dreams can symbolize Everything from S*x to Humiliation. They can also represent Mobility, Freedom or a Foundation.

14. A House in a Dream is often a symbol of Our Body, so a Mansion in a Dream can represent a "Rich" or even Exaggerated Sense of Self. A Mansion might also represent Our Future Potential.

15. Forests, like Water, are often symbols of the Unconscious. Travelling into a Forest indicates exploration of the Unconscious Realm or represents a Comforting Refuge from the demands of Everyday Life.

16. Being Naked in a Dream suggests exposure of Self to others, Vulnerability or Feeling Ashamed. Alternatively, it can also represent a Desire for Freedom or being Unencumbered.

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