40 Uncle Iroh Quotes That Prove He is the Best Character on The Show

Uncle Iroh Quotes

Uncle Iroh is the most loved and admired character in the series – Avatar, The Last Airbender. His words of wisdom can be seen throughout the series and help various characters. Here, I am compiling some of his quotes which are very inspiring.

"Perfection And Power Are Overrated. I Think You Are Very Wise to Choose Happiness and Love."

A powerful and bold statement by Uncle Iroh, which we all need to understand and assimilate into our lives. In order to become a perfectionist, we often ignore that there is no use in being perfect at something if you don't enjoy doing it.

Similarly, there is no use of power if you don't use it for the welfare of society. On the other hand, happiness and love make our lives beautiful and contented.

"There Is Nothing Wrong with a Life of Peace and Prosperity. I Suggest You Think About What It Is That You Want from Your Life."

When Zuko, Uncle Iroh's nephew, was confused about what he truly wanted in his life. At that moment, Uncle Iroh enlightened him with his wise words. A wealthy and prosperous life is really good, but even if you have less money and valuables, but you are happy, then the latter is also an equally good life.

To sum up, we can say that what actually matters is what we want from our lives, as long as we are contented and happy with what we have achieved, it is a good life.

"While It Is Always Best to Believe in Oneself, A Little Help from Others Can Be a Great Blessing."

When Zuko heard the above line from Uncle Iroh, he realized that he could always turn to his uncle for support and help.

We are always told that we should believe in ourselves, and it's very important to do so, but that doesn't mean that you should never ask anyone for help. In fact, sometimes big targets become achievable only because of teamwork.

"Failure Is Only the Opportunity to Begin Again, Only This Time, More Wisely."

This is something we often get to hear from our mentors and elders. According to Uncle Iroh, failures should not be considered as a setback. In fact, they are a chance to get up and start again with better preparation. They are an opportunity to learn not to regret.

"The Best Tea Tastes Delicious Whether It Comes in A Porcelain Pot or a Tin Cup."

By this Uncle, Iroh wants to point out that outside beauty or look doesn't matter if you are a good person at your heart. It doesn't matter which type of cup of tea is served. What is important is how it tastes. Similarly, it doesn't matter if a person is rich or poor, handsome or ugly what matters is how he is as a person.

"It's Time to Look Inward and Start Asking Yourself the Big Questions...Who Are You, And What Do You Want?"

In our life, there comes a certain point where we have to find out the purpose of our life, and for this, we need to focus on ourselves and introspect.

The answer lies in our hearts only. We just need to discover it. Uncle Iroh, who is usually gentle with his words took a strict stand and asked Zuko to find his goal only then he can work for it.

"Pride Is Not the Opposite of Shame, But It's Source...True Humility Is the Only Antidote to Shame."

Humility is a virtuous quality to have and we all should learn it. As Uncle Iroh said that it is the only antidote to shame. If you have the courage to accept your flaws without any shame and work on them to make yourself a better person, then you have achieved humility.

"Sharing Tea with A Fascinating Stranger Is One of Life's True Delights."

Meeting new people and establishing warm relationships with them is a great human virtue. Earlier, most of the cultures promoted this, but these days in our busy schedules, we have forgotten this important virtue.

In the series, Uncle Iroh meets Toph, who is fighting from the opposite side still Uncle Iroh prepares for tea, and both spend together and bond well.

"Follow Your Passion and Life Will Reward You."