5 Major Mistakes Couples Commit in the First Year of Marriage: Know Them Before its Too Late...

5 Major Mistakes Couples Commit in the First Year of Marriage: Know Them Before its Too Late...

"Marriage is a bed of roses", said no one. The Fairyland view through Rose Tinted glass will distort if the couple commits mistakes in the very first year of marriage. Peek through the article to find out more

Marriage establishes rights and commitments between spouses as well as between their in-laws. But once it’s done, every couple looks forward to settling into their married life and get back into the normal life with the routines that brought them closer as a couple.

But, it’s not as easy as it sounds.

The initial 365 days of marital life is a bliss. It is undoubtedly romantic for the couple. But, it can also bring a lot of troubles and challenges in your relationship. At times, it can put you in doubt and questions that you may raise as a couple on your own.

If you get off track in the early days of your marriage, it might get harder to travel together for the whole life.

In the initial days of marriage, people are often on their best behaviours in order to make sure the marriage last longer. But, commit some of the mistakes that might sound small yet create a lot of problems in your happily married life.

Here are some of them...

Not Setting Up Equal Household Roles

You don’t only share a bed or a couch where you spend a lot of time together as a newlywed. All of the daily chores, tasks, cleaning, laundry, cooking are also meant to be split between the two of you.

If you haven’t established a routine where both of you take care of each other as well as the house, the two of you need to have a conversation regarding that.

It is possible that one of you is earning more than the other. But these tedious tasks are still necessary to be split between both equally.

Spending Your Leisure Time Alone

Before getting married, you loved to hang out and do things together. But now you’re married, and you don’t need to do all these. So you tend to goof off at night.

You go on to watch your favorite shows, your partner goes on to do their favorite stuff. It might be fun initially. But later, you’ll come to realize that you’re not spending time together or sharing experiences anymore.

Develop a habit of “connecting time.” At least for 20 minutes, but give a time when you share each other.

You Don’t Talk About Money

It is essential to talk about your earnings and expenses as soon as you tie your names together legally.

Undoubtedly, both of you are bound to certain responsibilities that will surely impact your abilities to save money, buy a car, or a home, or many more.

It is difficult to talk about money. People generally avoid it, especially in a romantic relationship or new marriage as they think it can lead to an argument.

But, couples who don’t talk about their financial establishment creates a bad pattern where one of them is unaware of their money.

Forget about the Small Gestures

It’s those small, simple, and often silly gestures, which keep you attracted to your partner continuously.

Taking care of small choices of each other like that your partner takes two spoons of sugar in your tea or you like boiled eggs in your breakfast.

Your partner may start to feel trivial once you reduce to communicate using these small gestures with them.

Not Communicating about the Things that Annoys You

It doesn’t matter if you’re going to marry the most beautiful or amazing person you’ve ever met. There are going to be habits that may drive you crazy after marriage.

But not being able to have a word about this with your partner is undoubtedly a bad sign.

In the first year of marriage, people often feel that every misdeed is just the slippery slope. But, you should be able to communicate these feelings for a happy married life.


In order to lead a happy married life, in those times when you catch up together every day, you should mention the things that bother you. Work with understanding and solve the problems together.

And it may make the next few years of your married life smoother and easier than you have ever thought.