5 Sexy Lip Colour to Drive Men Crazy

How many times have you read — or even heard from the source itself — that guys only like natural-looking makeup? A study was conducted on a waitress and observed that they were tipped more on certain shades of lipstick than no or other shades.

Sounds Funny!! But recent research in the University of Manchester found that men really are attracted to lipstick. Lipsticks are bright and bold and certain shades can highlight your best features. So, if you want to captivate the attention of your man try these 5 most sexy shades of lipstick colour and spice up your date!

We have also selected the perfect shades so that you get the perfect sexy look.


Red is the sexiest lip colour of all time. This is the colour that most of the girls love and must be in every girl’s make up bag for an intimidating date. Whenever you are in doubt, go with the red. Think about celebrities like Marilyn Monroe, Angelina Jolie and Taylor Swift! surely, a bright red lip will grab the attention of a man on the street.

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A dark lip is perfect for adding mystery and drama to your beauty. Bring your dark lips for a daring night out! Dark lips bring out your darker features, your eyes. Line them with a dark eyeliner or a black mascara.

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A good pink lips… Ah, guys love them! It is their next favourite lip colour. A pink lip warms up your complexion and brings out the blush of cheeks. So on your next date, why not adopt a brighter and fun and darker shade of pink? This will make you sweet and sexy!

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Another colour that comes under this category is black. A bold and beautiful colour that defines your personality. Do you want to look hot in this colour? Match it with a black dress and black eyes.

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Ombre Orange-Red

Wearing an ombre orange-red lip colour has always been fun to wear. The ombre combined with red and orange that looks bright and nude. While the darker shades of red are incredibly sophisticated, ombre red and orange is the fun-loving and wilder shade of red. Use this colour and make your lips stained in a sexy way!

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