6 Creepy Symptoms to Recognize Toxic People You Should Keep Distance in Life

1. They are controlling: They have to have everything their way. And the only agenda they care about is their own. They don't take, "NO" for an answer, unless they are manipulating you, or it will ultimately suit their purpose.

2. They are never wrong!: Even to evidence to the contrary, they will never admit to being wrong. And don't expect an apology from them. Their enormous ego would never even entertain that possibility.

3. They are draining: You feel depleted every time you are in their presence. Extremely selfish people are like vampires, they suck the life force right out of you.

4. They are deceptive: They sometimes come in the guise of being helpful and caring. They may even be helpful. But don't be fooled it always comes at a cost. Or they get some narcissistic pleasure from it. They love having their egos stoked, and being told, what great people they are. Meanwhile, if you do one thing they don't like, they will bury you in an instant, without even a second thought.

5. They are liars: They are the most deceptive people you will ever meet. Everything they do, everything they are is set up to deceive, and fulfil their purpose.

6. They are delusional: They realty believe their own lies. They even think they are great people. They have this innate ability to fool everyone including themselves.

Try to be way as far as possible from this kind of People...

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