Adult Jokes: Whose is Bigger Mine or Yours? Donkey in a Bar!

A guy walks into a bar in Mexico, and sees a sign that says "If you can make this donkey laugh we will give you $100."

So the guy goes to the donkey and whispers something in his ear and the donkey starts laughing uncontrollably. Then the guy walks straight to the bartender and collects the $100.

A week later the guy goes back to the bar and now the sign says "If you can make this donkey stop laughing we will give you $100." The bartender told the guy that the donkey hasn't stopped laughing since the last time he was in the bar. So the guy walks back to the donkey and in moments the donkey stops laughing!

The guys go back to the bartender and collect another $100. The bartender was in complete disbelief and asked the guy "How did you do it?"

The guy replied, "Well the first time I told him my dick was bigger than his."

Bartender: "And what you did this time?"

"I showed him."

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