Amityville Horror House - A True Spine Chilling Story Behind Amityville Horror Movie (2005)

Amityville Horror House - A True Spine Chilling Story Behind Amityville Horror Movie (2005)

Out of all the houses or places titled ‘The Most Haunting’ places in America, this little house situated in Amityville, New York, is the queen of all horrors. An entire family was murdered inside the house by another family member, their very own son. The tales of the Amityville house spook terror all over the neighborhood.

This house is situated around 30 miles outside New York City. In 1974, the 23-year old Ronald J. DeFeo was held under trial for shooting his parents and his family members while they were sleeping in the very same house.

When questioned as to why had he done it, he had the same answer, the voices in the house asked him to. This incident that took place earlier set the chain for a string of horrible, haunting incidents over the years.

The Lutz Family

A year later, after the incident, the Lutz family bought the house at a really reduced price than the original. But the family, unfortunately, lasted only for 28 days in the house. The extremely terrifying incidents that took place in the house gave rise to the most famous movie, ‘Amityville Horror’ and several other best selling books.

Lutz found himself waking up at 3.15 every morning on his own, which was the time Ronald set out to shoot his family. The family members claimed to have smelled suspicious and weird odors, found green slime oozing out keyholes and door gaps, random chills, .etc.

Due to the happenings, the family called a priest to perform an exorcism. The priest heard a yell screaming ‘get out’ and asked the family members never to sleep in that particular room again.

Other hauntings include the opening and closing of the garage door without any prompt, knocking down knives and other harmful objects on their own, a hideous creature with red eyes staring into the house.

One fearful instance that took place was when George Lutz woke up to his wife, Kathy Lutz, floating in the air, along with his sons Daniel and Christopher Lutz also floating over their own beds.

After the Lutz family left the house, Ed and Lorraine, the famous ghost experts, took a picture of the “demonic boy” who had glowing white eyes. The house was empty for several years after that.

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The Amityville Horror (2005)

The Amityville Horror was a movie directed by Andrew Doughlas in 2005. This movie was ninth in the line of the Amityville horror series. The movie is based on the DeFeo mass murder and the tales of the Lutz family.

In the movie, Chelsea, their daughter seems to have befriended an imaginary friend named Jodie, who was one of the murdered DeFeo children. The movie shows the paranormal events that were witnessed by the original Lutz family.

The movie also showed the instance of the babysitter Lisa, the DeFeo children’s former babysitter, who encountered Jodie in the closet she was murdered in. Slowly, the stepfather George started getting possessed and eventually killed their pet dog as well.

He is also shown trying to kill his wife and children as well. The movie shows disturbing scenes which is, exaggerated according to some critics.

The Amityville Horror Book by Jay Anson also talks about similar experiences and stories that later inspired the movies. The book was published in 1977. However, the book and the movie have faced controversies and objections. Though this does not stop the books and movies from being one of the best horror sequences of all time.


Now the house sits alone on the street with no residents. The house is put for sale, but who would want to purchase that house? Although locals have claimed that it is still haunted and radiates negative energy from every corner, it does not refrain curious minds from exploring and finding out the mysteries themselves.

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