5 Mysterious Spots That Probably you have Never Heard! Only for Mysterious Lovers!

The mystery is everywhere. There is nothing that you can claim to have 100% knowledge about. Our universe is a mystery, our planet in it is a mystery, the origin of life is a mystery, and even the exact mechanism of our brain is a mystery.

Decoding mystery is what we humans are always keen on. If you are an enthusiast, you don't need to bother about it. Our beautiful earth will never let the bucket of your interest go vacant. There are thousands of mystery spots in the world, and it is difficult to pick and give them ratings.

Are you always curious about the mystery spot? Here are some 5 mystery spots for you to know:

The Bermuda Triangle:

The Bermuda Triangle is one of those mystery spots that has always fascinated as well as scared the world. It is also famous as the Devil's triangle.

Location: Southeastern coast of the US in the Atlantic Ocean between Bermuda, Florida, and Puerto Rico.

The Bermuda triangle is placed in the list of mystery spots because of the mysterious disappearance of ships and planes passing in the region. Many fictional movies and books are present in the market in which we can find the reference. Every movie describes this mystery spot in its own way. Now the directors know which is right.

There are many theories that attempt to explain the mysteries of this place, but in the end, the mystery remains a mystery. Some suggest that it is because of paranormal activities and the presence of aliens in the region. From the scientific perspective, some suggest that it is because of strong electromagnetic interference. The strong electromagnetic cause disturbance in the compass and communication system, and hence the pilots tend to lose their way.

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Poveglia Island

Reading about this mystery island will send chills down your spine.

Location: This island is located in Venice, Italy.

It is said that once the Black plague was spread over the island, which caused havoc leading to thousands of deaths. The ashes of burnt corpses have covered the soil of the island.

In the 1920s, the government of Italy opened a hospital for mentally ill patients. People here complain about headaches and sensing the souls of those who died in the epidemic. According to some records, doctors performed terrible experiments here on the ill patients, but in the end, he committed suicide.

Whatever may be the reason for that paranormal activity, now the island is vacant, and people usually prefer not to visit this mystery island. Among the list of mystery islands, poveglia island never loses its limelight. This is one of the scariest islands we have known so far.

Dumas beach

This beach is like an oxymoron (literary device). This beach is both beautiful as well as beast full.

Location: Gujarat, India

This place is known for its black sand, which makes it look more haunted. During the day, several people visit this place to enjoy its beauty but as soon as the sun sets down, people leave this place. Those who dare to stay here at night would not be able to see the next sun. No one knows the mystery of deaths at this mystery spot.

According to some, there was a burial ground for Hindus. Many people claim that souls are still in a place that gives negative feelings. No one can deny the negative vibes present in the area. People claim to hear weird sounds coming from the beach like people laughing and someone crying. Some locals even claim to see ghosts at the beach. It's scary. Isn't it?

Hashima Island

The battleship island is the other common name of Hashima island. It is famous for the mass death of the workers here.

Location: Located 9 miles from Nagasaki, Japan.

Earlier the island was famous for its undersea coal mines. This is the reason for building a city over here that had almost all the facilities. But the officials forced the workers to work in harsh conditions. They do not even provide them with proper food. As a result, many lost their lives over here either because of malnutrition or underground accidents.

The government prohibited entry into the islands and punished heavily those who did. Now the island seems to be a favourite tourist destination. The island only has abandoned concrete buildings that look scary.

Still, the abandoned mystery island gives a creepy feeling once you step.

Area 51

Area 51 Is the Internet's Latest Fascination. It is among those mystery spots that are covered in mystery for decades.

Location: Nevada, USA

Rumours have spread that the aliens and their UFOs regularly visit this place. More than two million people have signed up during the past two months to converge on Area 51, the airbase near Rachel, Nevada, with hopes of seeing aliens. Still, no one could explain the mystery behind Area 51. Those who try to spy, unlike other mystery spots or mystery islands, are dead.

Earlier, the area near Groom Lake was used for silver and lead mining. When world war II began, the military took over the remote area and started conducting research, which was mainly nuclear and weapons testing. Historians know what type of aircraft was being developed until the 1970s, but after that, it's a top-secret mystery.

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Parting thought:

Since you have finished reading about mystery spots, the answer to the question, "are you always curious about mystery spots?" turns out to be YES. But still, there are thousands of mystery spots that we even don't know yet. If you are a curious one, it cannot skip your sight.

After reading about these mystery spots, either it would have brought the hell out of you or would encourage you for an adventurous trip to this place. But the benefit is in to stay away from these places. You can keep reading about these mystery spots instead of visiting them if you don't want to risk your life. Be curious and keep reading.

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