Are You Doing it in Right Way? 13 rookie Mistakes You Should Avoid in Makeup

Makeup, if applied rightly, can boost your confidence by highlighting the best features in you. All of us have a specific makeup routine that we love to stick with and try to never stray away.

However, applying makeup wrongly will make you look older than your age. It needs a lot of practice and experiment to get the right makeup. You also need to know what kind of makeup suits you well, because everything is not meant for you.

Did you even notice that most of your routines are filled with mistakes? What will happen if your routine is completely a beauty blunder? Fear not! We are here to help you out.

Tip to do Smokey Eye Makeup

Apply your smoky shadow before any other makeup. The spills of the shadow are easy to clean before you apply concealer. Best to avoid apply eye shadow at last.

Don't Overuse Mascara

Avoid overuse of mascara. This highlights the wrinkles around your eyes.

Best Way to Cover Blemishes

Never use an under-eye concealer for covering the blemishes. Instead, look for one specially meant for face and coving the patches and redness.

Secret of Applying Perfect Eyeshadow

Love wearing eyes shadow? Avoid using it in the whole area of your lid. You will look older. Instead, dab the eye shadow on the outer corner of your eyes.

Conceal with Concealer Properly

Applying a high amount of concealer highlights your wrinkles, making you look older. Better to use a fluid concealer with luminous particles. This will add a natural glow to your skin making it look healthy.

Don't Overdo Baking

Don’t use too much powder on your face. This will make your skin look dry. You can opt for light mineral or rice powder to get rid of the glistening effect in the T-zone.

From Thin to Thick Lip

Thin lips? Avoid using a dark-toned lipstick. Dark toned lipsticks make your lips thinner. Want fuller-looking lips? Overdraw your natural lip line. Experiment with rich, saturated colours.

Including Corrector in Makeup Kit

Use a corrector on your dark circles. Applying corrector will act wonders for your makeup. Apply it on dark areas and spread it as thinly as possible.

Foundation is Not Everything

Don’t cover your entire face with foundation. For best results and a natural look, apply it in areas where you need to even your skin.

Best Tone for Highlighting Brows

For enlarging and highlighting your brows, avoid using intense dark colors. This will make your face look unkempt. Choose a tone that is lighter than the natural color of your eyebrow.

Don't Wait Too Long After Layering Skin Care Products

Never wait too long to apply makeup after applying moisturizer. Doing so will make your skin look stretchy and dry. It is advisable to wait for at least 10 minutes to apply makeup after moisturizing your face.

Lipstick Can Make or Break Your Look

Never blot your lipstick. Doing so, means you are applying a lot of it. It’s not even a good formula.

Find Your Shade of Foundation

To ensure your foundation is matching the color of your skin tone, test the foundation at first on the side of your face. Never test it on your hand. You will fail to know if the color is right for you if you are doing so at the back of your hand.

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