Ask 21 Questions on CAA-NPR-NRIC when BJP/RSS Workers Visits Your Homes

Ask 21 Questions on CAA-NPR-NRIC when BJP/RSS Workers Visits Your Homes
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For the past six years, the country had seen rising intolerance, lynching and systematic attempts for silencing critics, sieging institutions of higher learning. Moreover, minority rights were also under attack. The cynical way of subverting the long-standing arrangement with Kashmir along with suppressing the people of Kashmir shocked the conscience of the world. Although some voices of protests were raised, most of the Indians had to remain quiet as they were very scared for speaking out.

Indians have welcomed the decision of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) for organizing the door-to-door campaign supporting the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) and the National Register of Citizens (NRC). However, the protestors and activists have issued a set of questions that need to be put forward when they are visiting the homes.

The activists decided that whenever the BJP and RSS cadre comes to home for ‘educating’ people on citizenship and the laws, the people should welcome them and being educated, they should be insisted on advising the commentators and protestors. They should be asked for details and answer the following questions:

The Citizenship Amendment Act of 2019:

1. Existence of provision for granting Indian citizenship to the non-Muslim refugees before the introduction of CAA.

2. Suppose a Muslim refugee asks for Indian citizenship earlier, was the government forced to fulfil his or her demand? Did the government not enjoy the power of refusal?

3. If the government already enjoyed the power of refusal or granting citizen, what are the extra power and authorities invested at their hands?

4. Have the Muslim refugees lost the permission of asking for Indian citizenship after passing of CAA? Will, the government give the person the citizenship if he or she requests?

5. How many refugees belonging to Hindu, Jain, Parsi, Sikh, Christian and Buddhist religion have been given citizenship by the government until date?

6. When the government already exercised the right to grant or not to grant citizenship to the refugees, and Muslims could still apply under the old law for citizenship, then it calls for an explanation for introducing the new law. The only exception is that the minimum duration for staying in India as a refugee or an illegal immigrant has been reduced from 11 years to 5 years. What was even the need for doing so?

7. December 31, 2014, has been set as the cut of date. Why did the government do so? Because there was no infiltration after that date?

Ask 21 Questions on CAA-NPR-NRIC when BJP/RSS Workers Visits Your Homes

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National Register of Indian Citizens:

1. What will be the cost of preparing the NRIC across the country?

2. NRC in the Indian state of Assam took Rs. 1600 crores, 10 years of time along with engagements of 52000 people for the work. The state with a population of a little more than 3 crores, how long and amount of people the government requires for completing the verification of the citizenship of 135 Crore people?

3. If the expenditure of only a small state as Assam is an indication, the government would spend at least 72,000 crore Rupees for conducting the complete procedure.