Best Ladies Footwear Under 500 for Your Traditional Wear that Can Awestruck Everyone in Party

With the festive season upon us, the wedding bells have started ringing. With a calendar filled with festivals, we also need clothes to look chic. The festive seasons is the best when we try our best to bring out the desi girl in us and have our time with the beautiful traditional silhouettes. Yeah, you thought right, it’s the time for crazy shopping! There’s one thing that most of us have problems with our traditional clothes. Can you guess it? Yes, it’s none other than footwear.

However, it’s difficult to find the right footwear to pair with every traditional look. It’s not economical and you will not search for the right heels for every dress you own. But don't worry we brought a solution to you. Here is a list of desi footwear that you can team up with your traditional clothes with a pocket pinch of less than ₹500.

Feel it Women's Leather Block Heel Shoes

BUY NOW at ₹ 499.00 ELITE Platform Heel We ELITE Platform Heel Wedges

BUY NOW at ₹ 499.00

Do Bhai Women Ethnic Wedges

BUY NOW at ₹ 475.00

Flavia Women's Fashion Sandals

BUY NOW at ₹ 399.00

ZAPLOON Casual Wedges/Sandals for Womens/Girls

BUY NOW at ₹ 430.00

ELITE Platform Heel Wedges

BUY NOW at ₹ 499.00

Perfect step Women's Peep Toes Comfortable Casual Lace-up Sandal - Tan

BUY NOW at ₹ 419.00

Gripex Shoes Sandals for Women Wedges Slipper High Heel Casual Comfortable Dailywear Footwear

BUY NOW at ₹ 499.00

Honey Step Gold Comfortable & Stylish Ethnic Bridal Wear Sandal for Women & Girls

BUY NOW at ₹ 489.00

SHOPIEE Ankle Strap Kitten Heels Sandal,Slip on

BUY NOW at ₹ 495.00

All the items have been specially handpicked by us for you and are not sponsored by any particular brand. Buying from the above link will give us some commission without you paying any extra cost. So, help us by selecting a good pair for yourself and sharing with your friend as well. Thank You for trusting us and let us know your experience in the comments section below.

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