Body of Christ: Why the Church is Called Body of the Christ? What Act of Apostles Say?

Body of Christ: Why the Church is called Body of the Christ? What Act of Apostles say?

Many of us are aware of Christianity and always find it very interesting. But do you know everything about Jesus Christ? Do you know what Acts of Apostles mean?

Have you ever heard about The Body of Christ? Do you know what it actually means?

Here's a small article which informs you about the basis of the body of Christ, it's origins, it's beliefs, etc. I hope this article would be useful for anyone who wishes to learn about Christianity.

Body of the Christ

According to Christian theology, the Body of Christ has two main but separate meanings. One of the meanings shows the Body of Jesus Christ post-resurrection. The other meaning is the words of Jesus Christ, "This is my body" over the bread at the Jewish feast celebration of Passover (The last supper). The Body of Christ is also considered as a universal Church.

Jesus has associated himself with the poor, so if one wishes to be closer to him, he/she should do the same. This point is made manifest in Pope Francis's words, "If we truly wish to see Jesus Christ, we need to touch the body of the poor who are suffering, and the Body of The Christ can be seen through charity and sharing."

Christians have been understood differently over the term 'The body of the Christ' developed in Christian theology of Eucharist and used by Christ at the Last Supper.

How did it start?

Before moving into the start of The Body of Christ, let us understand what does Acts in the Bible mean. The Acts of the Apostles is the fifth book of The New Testament of the Christian Church. In that, the Acts are narrated in the Greek language, which is presumed to be written by Evangelist Luke.

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Now, as we are clear about the Acts, let us move to the time when "The Body of Christ" actually came into existence. However, no one is sure when it will happen. Bullinger believes it began at Act 28, while Sam says it started at Act 9, and O'Hair says Act 18. While some who have no idea about this act believe that it began at the time when Jesus Christ was recurring to the cross.

It is said that until God initiated the Dispensation of Grace. And revealed its message to the Apostle Paul, the Body of Christ itself remained a secret hidden from man, considering this as the practical beginning of the Church, which is Christ's Body.

Unique Beliefs

According to the very first meaning, it is believed that Jesus came on earth as a human being. He was born from a woman's womb but was conceived by the Holy Spirit, making him sinless. It is believed that he was entirely man and fully God. To save mankind from their sins, Jesus willingly sacrificed himself in the cross and then was raised fro