Can Jealousy Be Positive? Explore the Healthy Side of Jealousy & Open New Opportunities For You.

Can Jealousy Be Positive? Explore the Healthy Side of Jealousy  & Open New Opportunities For You.

Jealousy!! What came to your mind? Few narrow-minded people who are unhappy with other's success. Jealousy arises from an inferiority complex or from low self-esteem.

Jealousy is a normal human reaction, like anger and happiness. You may feel jealous of seeing your best friend scoring better than you. You may also feel jealous of your partner when he succeeds in something which you both were pursuing.

Yet, it is not always bad or unhealthy. There are times when enviousness may be beneficial to your life and relationships.

For instance, you may feel jealous when your partner appreciates someone in front of you. Yes, you have the right to feel a bit insecure. It is healthy if you manage to tell your partner, " You seem to find everyone hot, except me, huh!" So can you transform your jealousy into something productive? Yes, of course. What about joining the gym finally to maintain physical fitness?

Jealousy will ultimately motivate you to actually take care of your physique. And also, it can help you to bid goodbye to those foods which are more sinful than jealousy itself. Thus, in this case, being jealous is sexy abs.

Your friend may have scored better than you. Be jealous, no problem. Tell yourself," I am jealous of her score, I need that, badly!". Your grudge will be favourable if you check what you did wrong and what she did right. Jealousy here will be the fire that will drive you to success. In athletics, it is told that one can only increase speed when in competition with a faster athlete.

So, jealousy does not need to be perpetually negative. Little pinches of jealousy can add a bit of spice in your relationship too. If you admit your jealousy to your partner and ask for his help, it will bring you closer to each other. Do not let jealousy create walls; show and share the vulnerability, it will only deepen the bond.

Jealousy can be creative in a way that makes us absorb things from others that we lack. Being envious can act as a great motivator, at times, like benchmark or a goal that we must reach. Suppose you have a friend who is very social and amiable for which he gets many advantages every now and then. But you are the shy-est person ever and that makes you kind of jealous, so you try to open up to people.

Also being jealous, when your partner talks to someone else with romantic vibes is fine. This subtly conveys that you want him and long for him. Jealousy covertly suggests to your friend or partner that you care for them and you love them. Also, you want them to love you back.

Also, do not judge or kill yourself when catch yourself getting jealous. It is alright, you feel what you feel. Do not, however, let it compel you to make bad decisions.

Thus, jealousy can be pretty good as long as it is teamed up with the right ingredients. To transform your jealousy into the right path. It will teach you, guide you. Also, it will ruthlessly tell you what you lack and what you want. So you better get it.

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