Discover the Truth! Does Looking at Eclipse Leads to Miscarriage or Bad Luck to the Pregnant Women

An Eclipse is a natural phenomenon like sunrise and sunset. It occurs due to the movement of the sun, earth, and the moon. All three will cross over at some point in time. Eclipses are considered as bad omens for pregnant women in many cultures. People think that eclipses will cause harm to the baby. So people used to say some of the precautions which should be followed by pregnant women during the period of eclipses.

Myths on effects of eclipses on pregnant women

Pregnancy is the most blessed period in a woman's life. She plays as the nurturer for the baby in the womb. She bears the child for about 9 months in her womb. These 9 months will be a crucial period for both the mother and the child.

If pregnant women are about to gaze at the sky during the solar eclipse, she will lead to miscarriage or any deformities in the baby. Pregnant women are asked to stay indoors during the occurrence of the solar eclipse. Aztecs believed that a Lunar eclipse was a result of a bite being taken out of the moon which later rendered into the Mexican superstition that if a pregnant woman viewed an eclipse of the moon, the bite would be taken out of her unborn child's face.

Pregnant women are not allowed to wear or hold metals during the prevalence of the eclipse. It is also said that pregnant women should not wear any hairpins too. If she does so, the child will bear with a birthmark.

Mexican superstitions say that wearing a safety pin or having a knife close to her belly in addition to wearing red underwear gives protection to the baby from the cleft palate. It is also believed that pregnant women should mix basil leaves to battle with the moon's negative radiation.

Obstetricians gynaecologists believe that some pregnant women in Pakistan were warned to lie straight to prevent the baby from crooked joints while birth. In India, pregnant women are asked to bath before and after the event of the eclipse and they are asked to take part in religious routines to ward off the bad omens which are associated with eclipses.

Some scriptures suggest that pregnant women should sit on a bed with Durva grass and chat the Santana Gopala Mantra. People say that pregnant women should perform fasting during the occurrence of Lunar eclipse because food items which come in contact with the shadow of the moon during an eclipse are believed to be soiled. Indian astrologers also urge pregnant women to avoid using sharp implants to slice fruits and vegetables as it might lead to birthmarks or facial deformities such as cleft lip in the child.

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Facts behind myths

According to healthcare experts, a pregnant woman should always refrain from fasting even during an eclipse, else, she might face some serious health problems. Fasting increases blood pressure, which affects the health of the baby. Hence pregnant women are advised to eat at regular intervals. They are asked to take a bath after eclipse because the environment gets polluted during the eclipse.

The pregnant women are asked to stay indoors during an eclipse because it is not good to see an eclipse with bare eyes.

There is no scientific belief for wearing red underwear and holding sharp & metal objects. Dr Sharfia Bhutto told St.Louis Post Dispatch that Nothing will happen to the unborn baby during an eclipse because they are inside the uterus of the mother.

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