Doctors Have Claimed That Eating These 8 Foods Can Keep Your Teeth Healthy And Shiny

Doctors Have Claimed That Eating These 8 Foods Can Keep Your Teeth Healthy And Shiny

Daily brushing with toothpaste rich in fluoride and flossing are essential for a healthy smile. However, nutrition also has a significant effect on your dental health. What you didn’t know? Consuming a variety of foods rich in nutrients from all groups of food promotes healthy gums and teeth.

You can tell many things about the eating habits of a person from his teeth. How? You are really what you eat, and it reflects on your dental health. Eating foods with high sugar contents, there are high chances of suffering from tooth decay.

If you’re drinking alcohol, you fail to hydrate your mouth. Instead you are drying it out and preventing saliva from keeping it moist and healthy. Alcohol consumption has been linked to severe gum diseases.

Even soda pop can cause significant damage. Moreover, finding carbonated beverages damage your teeth as using methamphetamine and crack cocaine. There are several other foods that we should stay away from for keeping them absolutely healthy, but there are some that are healthy for our teeth.

Here are eight of the best that would help you in keeping your pearly whites shiny and ready to do heavy chomping.


While apples have sugar, they don’t fall in the same category as sweet or a candy bar. Apples are high in water and fiber, the two main ingredients that help in the removal of food debris from your teeth.

The biggest benefit? The texture of the apples and the fact that you need to chew so much to break it down enough to swallow. Moreover, the chewing produces saliva, which is essential in helping and protecting your teeth from acid, sugar, and bacteria that are the leading causes of tooth decay.


Tea undermines the ability of certain bacteria to clump together with other bacteria. Green and black teas are rich in compounds like polyphenols slow the growth of bacteria associated with cavities and other gum diseases.

Researchers at the University of Illinois, Chicago found that people who rinsed their mouths with black tea for a minute, 10 times a day, found to have less build-up of plaque on their teeth compared to people who rinsed their mouths with water. Even the size and stickiness of their plaque was reduced.


“Say, Cheese!” is normally heard when someone is trying to get a smile on our faces for a picture. Cheese and other dairy products such as yogurt have saliva producing bacteria. These bacteria raise the pH levels in our mouth, and in turn, lowers the risk of tooth decay. Besides, dairy products are rich in protein and calcium and help in strengthening the tooth enamel.

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