Don't Lose the Charm of 20s! Know the Anti-Ageing Foods to keep your Skin Glowing

Don't Lose the Charm of 20s! Know the Anti-Ageing Foods to keep your Skin Glowing

Ageing is a natural process that can be a beautiful part of life. However, some effects of ageing can leave you feeling and looking bogged down, especially when you are talking of your skin. Years of free radical damage and life stressors wreak havoc on your skin.

However, it’s possible to erase some years form your face only by changing your diet. The research found that a diet consisting of fruits and vegetables is the most healthy and safe method in maintaining your youthful skin.

Here are some of those healthy foods that should be included in your diet for making your skin to glow.


Carrots are inexpensive and come in mass. There’s nothing to wonder why those rabbits are so cured and fluffy, non-wrinkly, and energetic. Carrots are filled with vitamins, including the most important one, beta carotene.

It’s probably the most well-known carotenoids that give carrots their color. Beta-carotene is metabolized in many organs, including the skin. A significant reason why it’s so essential for the skin. Suffering from sunburn? Eat carrots because beta-carotene supplementation protects against sunburn.

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Oranges and other Citrus Fruits

Oranges are packed with Vitamin C. The consumption of orange will provides 85% of your daily requirements. Vitamin C has been well-known to fight the common cold. Why? Well, not only this vitamin c a little vitamin but also an antioxidant that helps in fighting diseases, illness, and even skin-harming free radicals.

However, lack of Vitamin C causes scurvy, causing skin lesions, making you skin susceptible to bruising and slow healing. A study found that Vitamin C has “anti-scurvy properties” that boost collagen in the skin.

What do you need to do? Simply, peel an orange, squeeze some lemon in water or add lime to your salad. Your skin will maintain its health.


Although not a plant, the egg has something that’s hard to come by the world of food but is crucial for healthy bones and skin. What’s that? Vitamin D.

Surely it’s the best way of getting some Vitamin D from exposing in the sun, and that might be simple enough. However, Vitamin D deficiency is a common problem, especially in an ageing population.

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