Dr Hannibal Lecter: Serial Killer by Thomas Harris who Ate Flesh of his Victim, Know the True Story!

The name rhymes with Cannibal. And who is a cannibal? The one who eats the flesh of their species is a cannibal. Thomas Harris, the American writer, wanted that person to be his villain. So the fictional character Dr. Hannibal Lecter came into existence.

Was this character based on a true story? Is it real that Hannibal Lecter chopped his victims? What made him eat the same flesh he has? Read on to know more about the gory killer details.

Traumatized Childhood

Dr. Hannibal Lecter, the man-eater, comes from a royal descendent family. He was born on the 20th of January, 1933 in Lithuania. His family of four is a wealthy family with pure blood running through his veins.

Dr. Hannibal Lecter's father was Count Lecter, the direct heir to Ancient Germans. His ancestor was Hannibal the Grim, a widely celebrated warlord of those times. On his mother's side, Hannibal was Italian. His mother was from kings and queens family who ruled the city of Milan in ancient times.

Such was the family history of Hannibal. Coming from an educated and civilized family, he had teachers teaching him uncommon skills. Soon his parents and teachers found out that this child is a prodigy. Hannibal was a quick and sharp learner. At such a young toddler age, he could speak many languages and also could learn more.

At 10 years of age, Hannibal could already speak Lithuanian, German, Italian, and English. Uncommonly he was also learning Latin. Everyone was happy with the heirloom they had.

In 1939, the family had a girl child. She is the younger sister of Hannibal named Mischa Lecter. He was very cautious around her. He would be her guardian and protector at all times. But, the family didn't know the oncoming bad luck that would destroy them all.

Encounter With The Nazis

Two years after Mischa was born in the year 1941, Hannibal's family had an encounter with Nazi troops. They were on the verge of taking over Germany, and so they invaded the Lecter Castle. The family then escaped to their hideout place in the thick forest nearby. The small group had Vladis Grutas as their leader. This man is a filthy brute when it comes to war and killing.

Vladis and his small team searched the woods and dragged the Lecter family out from their hiding. He killed both the parents right in front of young Hannibal and a crying toddler Mischa. This left a huge impact on Hannibal. He was in shock, scared, and was mostly numb.

The two children were now taken as captives. Vladis locked them up in a cupboard in their castle. When he and his team were having all the fun they wanted in the castle, their food supplies ran out. It was then, Vladis did the most unexpected thing ever.

He killed little Mischa. He separated her limbs like a hen. He cut her into pieces and made her meat. The team then cooked the pieces with broth and ate heartily.

Adding to this incident, Vladis made sure Hannibal watches all this. The soup Hannibal drank had his sister in it. Alas! Hannibal lost his sense of speaking. He sunk into a hollow world of shock and trauma. This young boy, still with his tied up arms, ran for his life away from the castle, into the woods.

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War and invasion also made allies out of nations. Russia came to the rescue with its soldiers wandering the place to protect people. Young Hannibal Lecter encountered them in the woods. They took him in, cared for him, and went back to capture Vladis and his team.

The same castle where Hannibal lived happily now became an orphanage to children. He tried to forget the fact that he ate his sister's flesh. But in the castle, he still heard her last screams. And that made him silent even more.

Other kids in the same orphanage started taunting him for his weakness of not being able to speak. This affected Hannibal even more. Not only him, but the bullies in the orphanage also started irritating other kids. This became a trigger for Hannibal.

He showed his aggressiveness on them using their means. Even though he happens to be weak compared to them, he was filling himself with anger and rage. He just couldn't stay there any longer, so he escaped.

Hannibal’s Stays With His Uncle Robert

Hannibal's escape to his Uncle Robert's house turned into both a good sign and a bad sign for him. He came to know that his uncle died and now his Japanese wife named Lady Murasaki stays there alone. Both of them found comfort upon having a family member, especially in this war situation.

So, they stayed together. Lady Murasaki took gentle care of him and taught him all the life lessons he needed to learn. Slowly Hannibal started to speak and was trying to recover from the abuse he faced. He now adds fluent Japanese to his languages list, thanks to his aunt Murasaki.

Hannibal still had Mischa in his mind. He was already planning and imagining his revenge tactics on Valdis and his gang. Just then, while he was with his calm aunt Murasaki, Hannibal committed his first murder. Yes, he directed all his anger & rage into violence.

Hannibal to Doctor Hannibal

There was a butcher who had his stall in the local market. Whenever Hannibal and his aunt pass by, the butcher would abuse the lady by calling her names. When Hannibal came to know that his uncle Robert died fighting this butcher, he was even more enraged.

All his childhood he got bullied by the kids in the orphanage. Now he considered this butcher to be a bully, attacked him, and killed him with Lady Murasaki's sword. Hannibal cut the cheeks of the butcher, and he ate them. That was his first kill and the first act of cannibalism.

Now that Hannibal got the taste of killing people as revenge he didn't want to stop. He tracked down Vladis and the gang. He started killing them one by one. He killed Vladis by carving Mischa's name on his body several times. Vladis died of extreme blood loss. His aunt was now tense. She tried to stop him. But Hannibal didn't. He took his revenge.

Local police found out about the murders and arrested him. But Hannibal was so convincing with his story that he passed the Lie Detector Test. Police now couldn't do anything but to free him. His aunt couldn't take all this. She left him and with no one to call family, he lost all human qualities and became a savage cannibal.

Hannibal Lecter was an exceptional genius. His skills and intelligence landed him admission to a boarding school. Even though he was a young teenager, he graduated very young compared to his classmates. His interest in medicine led him to an internship at John Hopkins Hospital.

From there to an esteemed Medical University and then a post-graduation in Psychiatry. He lived in Baltimore and was a renowned Psychiatrist of that time. Amidst his treatments and patients, he also killed people.

The lavish party addict had a special dish for his guests. He would serve them the remains of his killings. People at his house enjoy the delicious spread, unaware that they are eating human brains. And Dr. Hannibal Lecter would enjoy watching it all with a smile.

Doctor's Victims

As Dr. Hannibal Lecter was a famous psychiatrist, he had high profile patients. One of his patients was a multimillionaire named Mason Verger. He was in the ward for treatment as a part of his punishment. Mason was a sadistic rapist and an insensitive pedophile. When Dr. Hannibal Lecter came to know about the crimes Mason had committed, he made Mason his victim.

Hannibal tortured Mason, cut him up so badly that his nerves were severely affected. Hannibal made Mason eat his flesh as torture to the trauma he caused to people. Hannibal would inject hallucinogens and other drugs of disorientation to Mason first.

Mason, however, didn't die, but he was now stuck to a wheelchair with little movements in his fingers. Mason too held a grudge against Hannibal and was ready to pay ransom for his death.

In the 1970's Dr. Hannibal Lecter had committed several crimes. He killed nine people and left many wounded. All of whose body parts he cooked and ate. Many of his victims are not known to the world and disappeared completely without a clue.

Among his victims was a government yearly census collection officer. When this man arrived at Hannibal's house, he questioned him recklessly. Hannibal got angry, killed this officer, and ate his liver for lunch.

Hannibal killed his victims by butchering them to parts. He would eat them cooked in stew or broth or even make soup out of them. Anyway, he does that. He lost humanity, evident in his actions. But only one aspect of him remains human, and that is the targets, bullies. He targets the oppressors and takes it upon himself to serve justice on a platter.

Dr. Hannibal Lecter's Last Kill and His Arrest

Benjamin Raspall was Hannibal's last victim. The brutally killed body of Benjamin was found in a church. The man's heart had a sharp object piercing through it, with a lot of blood on the church floor. Police took the body for post-mortem. They declared that this body was missing the pancreas and thymus. And Hannibal was already thinking of a recipe in his house.

Will Graham was an able police officer with a high rank. He was investigating the disappearances and the death of Hannibal's unnamed sixth victim. Finding out that Dr. Hannibal Lecter treated this man, Will came to visit the doctor. Upon careful observation around the office, Will found some clues.

These clues might confirm that Hannibal was the killer. Hannibal grasped this scene and sensed that things might go out of hand. So Hannibal tried to kill Will. In a brief fight, Will left with injuries and Hannibal with handcuffs.

It was after this arrest. The police could connect many victims to Hannibal, who was then sentenced to life. Dr. Hannibal Lecter was used as an analyst for other police officers to help them chase criminals. His criminal intelligence and insights helped solve cases.

Real-Life Inspiration

Dr. Alphredo Balli Trevino was the inspiration behind the character. He served 20 years in jail for the murder of his friend. Trevino killed his friend, waited long hours for the blood to drain, and neatly cut him into pieces.

Later he packed the pieces into a box, took it to bury at a cousin's farm. Someone at the farm found the box and called the police.

Trevino, after serving his 20 years, went on to help poor people by providing free treatment to them. He died a peaceful death in 2009. The Author Thomas Harris met this man, spoke to him for days, and then went on to write his award-winning novel.

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