Faulkner House Books: New Orleans Hidden Bookstore Where Author William Pay Visits from His Grave!

Faulkner House Books: New Orleans Hidden Bookstore Where Author William Pay Visits from His Grave!

New Orleans was always famous for its exuberance and vibrant parties. Least that we can expect from New Orleans is a haunted and silent place, giving you chills running down your spines. So, give yourself from all your hustle and bustle as we treat you to this wonderful tale of paradoxes. There are a handsome number of exciting places to visit once you are in the city.

Nevertheless, one of the most enticing spots is the hidden bookstore in New Orleans. While you sit back, ensconced in your armchair, taking a sip from your favourite cup of coffee, we shall make sure you get to know more about this haunted bookstore.

About the House

Faulkner House Books is a unique bookstore in Louisiana and is popular for Joanna. Joanna is the reader behind the desk and will definitely recommend a book suiting your taste once you visit this place. Situated in a small, pirate alley in the French Quarter, the bookhouse is a literacy landmark in the United States (US). Attorney Joseph D. built the house in 1925, and William Faulkner, an American novelist, came as a resident.

The store, apart from being an all-time favourite for literature enthusiasts, is a charming place for commoners both on the inside as well as outside. A rapturous welcome awaits you when you get inside the bookstore followed by a beautiful and attractive gate. When you enter the house, you will be completely mesmerized by their wide collection of books and novels from different parts of the world.

William Faulkner, a renowned author, used to live in the Faulkner House Books years ago and have written innumerable stories and plays. His first novel "Soldier's Pay" is even claimed to have got its first copy sold from this very bookstore.

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Is The Book House Really Haunted?

Almost all writers are indefatigable campaigners of genuine art with a decent sense of aesthetics. William Faulkner was no different. The bookstore embraces you with an aura of opulence as you walk into the fascinating literary sanctuary.

The store juxtaposes piles of books on shelves and racks from the floor all the way up to the ceiling. The shop sells classics as well as rare-edition books by Faulkner and other eminent writers. William Faulkner wrote famous works like "As I Lay Dying" when he was a tenant in the same house.

The Hauntings

However, few people claim that the bookstore is a host to spirits though it allures dedicated readers and authors likewise. Quidnuncs say that the ghost of William Faulkner has walked beyond his grave and still resides in the house.

There have been reports of people seeing the ghost of Faulkner still sitting at his writing desk in the store. Also, ghostly pipe smoke wafts through the bookstore giving out a peculiar smell. It is well known that smoking a pipe while writing was among Faulkner's little foibles. Female workers said that they often received slight cuddles from their dead master.

Many people say that they have even seen Faulkner's pipe inside the book house. So, the bookstore is often termed as a haunted place by the local people.


If you are an avid reader and plan to visit New Orleans, Faulkner House Books is likely to be your one-stop destination. It is the city's distinguished literary landmark. And if you go, make sure to see the poetry in the hallway.

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