Fred and Rosemary West: Story Behind Deadliest Serial Killer Couple who killed their Own Daughter

Fred and Rosemary West: Story Behind Deadliest Serial Killer Couple who killed their Own Daughter

In the world of crime and murders, there is always notorious psychology. Fred and Rosemary West, second wife of Fred West, were among the most dangerous serial killers in the United Kingdom.

They murdered at least 12 - 13 people in the garden of their house in 25 Cromwell House Street in the year of 1967 to 1987. "House of Horrors" is the name of their house. Read the whole article and know how they could be so dangerous and kill 13 people.


Fred West

Fred West was born on September 29, 1941, in Much Marcle in Herefordshire, United Kingdom. Though never proved, Fred's family had a history of sexual abuse. He asserted his dad had sexual associations with his girls. Fred's mom began sexually abusing him when he was twelve.

But, he never admitted to any of it, and it is not confirmed. Rumours have it that Fred was also engaged in incest. He even impregnated one of his sisters. Fred's relation with his mother was very good. In 1956, he left his school and worked as a labourer at Moorcourt Farm. He had little enthusiasm for his school life.

When Fred West was 17 years old, he faced a motorcycle accident that was the cause of his head injury. A metal plate in his head has affected his impulse control. Another head injury occurred when he was falling off a fire escape at a local youth club. That was the injury and cause of his permanent brain damage. After that, he would become a criminal.

Rosemary West

In Northam, the United Kingdom, Rosemary Letts, his second wife, was born on November 29, 1953. Walter Stephen and Daisy Hannah Hill, belonged to a poor family and worked as farmworkers. Her mother suffered from depression, and they separated. Also, her father suffered from Paranoid Schizophrenia.

He assaulted Rosemary as she was not bright and was overweight. Rose assaulted her younger brother Graham at the age of 12. "Osgodby School 1868- 1923", "She Must Have Known", are some of the most famous books based on the life history of Rosemary West.

How they started and Why they started

Fred and Rosemary West both were born in a poor family. Fred West's relation with his family members was good. He had two wives. His first wife was Catherine Costello (married in 1962 – murdered in 1971) and the second wife was Rosemary Letts (married in 1972 - 1995)

Fred West left his school at the age of 15 and started work as a labourer at Moorcourt Farm. In June 1961, Fred's 13-year-old sister told her mother that Fred raped her since the previous December. Then Fred admitted to police that he had been molesting young girls since his early teenage. That was the initial phase of his crime.

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Rosemary West worked as a prostitute after her marriage. She gave birth to 3 children of her clients. But, Fred accepted them as his children. On June 24, 1971, she killed her 8-year-old stepdaughter Charmaine. That was her first murder. Patellae, wrist, ankle bones were missing in his body. Later, Fred West buried her in the back of the cellar, where the police kept Fred West.

Rena Costello

Also, another important murder was Fred's first wife, Rena Costello's murder. Rena and Fred separated, and Rena came to meet with her children and discuss with Fred about children's custody in August 1971.

Then assaulted, murdered, and buried her beneath a tree, named "Yewtree Coppice" at Letterbox Field. Fred's sister-in-law Christine told that Rena was very tense about her children, and in August 1971, she was alive for the last time.

Lynda Gough

The couple committed their next murder in early 1973. The victim was a 19-year-old girl. Her name was Lynda Gough. Fred and Rosemary West became acquainted with her through a male lodger. When the police found her body, many bones were missing. They buried her beneath the garage, which was a common type of murder included in those done by the two dangerous killers.

After the murders

On January 29, 1972, Fred and Rosemary got married, and they moved to 25 Cromwell Street. Later, Fred bought the property for 7000 pounds. On June 1, the following year, Rose gave birth to her second child.

She advertised it in a local contact magazine. Fred always inspired Rose to seek for more clients. She engaged in sex with both males and females, which is the cause of increasing her brutality.

The couple engaged in a threesome, and the pain of the partner makes Rose much happy. They also made 99 pornographic videos. They discovered these videos during the 1994's investigation, including child abuse.

Rose engaged in sex with the people of Gloucester West Indians. In 1977, when her father came to visit them, he knew about Rose's profession. Then, he also went there to please himself by having sex with her daughter. Fred and Rose knew many lodgers who visited them.

Through one male lodger, they met with Lynda Gough, who was the first victim of the notorious couple killer. Information about the murder has mentioned before in the article. The money Rose earned by prostitution, she used it to improve the house. Later, she attached a bar to their house.

Rose has a total of 8 children. Her clients were the reason for at least 3 of them. As the children's skin colour was black, they told people that it was because Fred's grandmother's skin colour was black. Her children's names were Heather Ann West, Anne Marie West, Mae West, Lousie West, Charmaine Carol West, Stephen West. In which, Rose killed Charmaine, Fred raped Lousie West at the age of 13, Rose and Fred West killed Heather.

All the murder locations were near about 25 Cromwell Street. Then Fred and Rosemary West committed murders again and again. For example – November 10, 1973, 15 years old Carol Ann Cooper, April 1975, 18 years old Juanita Mott. They also murdered their own, In the history of crime, Fred and Rosemary West are notorious.


Fred and Rosemary West killed 9 murders together. Fred West murdered 3 women, and Rosemary killed 2 women ( July 1967 – June 1987). They at least murdered 12-13 people.When investigators came to Fred's house. He confessed 6 bodies, 5 bodies from the garden, and 1