Horrifying Story of Lake Lanier of US: The Ghost Town Underneath the Lake

LAKE LANIER of US: Horrific Story of Ghost Town Underneath the Lake

Summer vacation usually means a summer full of memories and laughter. We spend hours looking for the perfect destination that sometimes we fail to check every aspect of our destination. In the case of Lake Lanier, if only one can look past its cheerful nature, they will truly notice its horrific stories. Imagine reaching the sunny destination only to never return back.

Located in the northeast of the U.S. state of Georgia, Lake Lanier is one of the best vacation destinations, especially for couples. It is a perfect place for a weekend getaway, tourists can engage in a wide variety of water-based activities. They can indulge in Boating, Canoeing, Kayaking, Fishing and wakeboarding.

The main attraction of the Lake is the Lake Lanier Beach and the Waterpark. Visitors can also go hiking, hunting and golfing. The Equestrian Centre also offers animal lovers a chance to go for a ride around the lake. One can also spend their time watching other boats and skiers pass by.

Lake Lanier is conveniently located and it can be easily located. It is a short drive from Atlanta. However, as much as it provides an outlet for recreational activities, it also serves as a source for its haunted past. Though an estimated 8 million people come to visit the place for boating and swimming, it hasn’t always sent people with a happy smile.

Lake Lanier had sparked controversy when a series of tragic incidents lead to the drowning of multiple victims. The place is known for its happy memories also is a site for terrible memories. It can all be attributed to its haunting past. Lake Lanier was built in 1957 by the US Army Corps of Engineers. It was essentially a man-made lake built to manage navigation and flood control. It helped to serve water to the residents of the city of Atlanta. However, the creation of Lake Lanier faced problems early on.

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It took around 5 years for the construction of the Lake, during which the Government acquired more than 50,000 acres of farmland. They did not care that they had displaced over 250 families and 15 businesses. Grimly, they had to also relocate 20 cemeteries along with their corpses for their construction. Many of the buildings that were flooded by the Lake’s creation found no relief as their situation was ignored.

To add to its eerie beginning, one can also find towns, complete with roads, walls and houses intact, at the bottom of the lake. It is a Ghost town underneath the Lake. As said earlier, some cemeteries had to be relocated, however, most of them were submerged beneath the river, which gave the lake, its haunting history. It is believed that the bodies of all those who buried haunt the lake, enraged by the creation of the lake above their resting place.

Since the creation of the lake, an estimation of 675 people have died, and most of the victims' bodies were not found. Yet, it continues to remain as one of the most popular vacation destinations. According to the residents of Georgia, it is known as the “party lake”, which is quite contrary to its haunted creation.

The spooky presence of the supposed ghost town located below the lake is not the only things that are strange when it comes to the lake. Over the years, several deaths have been linked to a variety of mysterious mishaps, such as boats crashing into some object, only for the object to disappear. People have also reported sights of hands or legs reaching out towards them; however, they have chucked it up to their imagination.

Even a fair number of drivers have often found themselves driving off the road, only to crash into the lake. Many of the drowning incidents were also found to be suspicious since even strong swimmers under calm condition seem to easily become the victims of such incidents.

Some survivors have reportedly told the authorities that they were often found by decaying bodies reaching out towards them or their air supplies cut off suddenly. Even some bodies were found quite far from the site of their deaths. Though they can be attributed to the wind currents, given its haunted history, people believe that ghost is involved in their movement. They think ghostly forces are involved in the movement of the corpses and their eventual disposal.

In 2011, the haunting nature of the lake did not cease when 17 deaths were reported. All of them found dead, under mysterious circumstances. While many of these accidents happen both within and around the lake, the frequency of the deaths has caused quite an alarm. While a lot of people have blamed the deaths on the cursed nature of the lake, most believe it is due to its crowded popularity. People of all ages come to visit this place to do all kinds of recreational activities.

However, police and authorities have taken measures to prevent any further incidents. Some accidents also occur due to the immature behaviour of teenagers, especially when they are under the influence of alcohol. They have encouraged the buddy system to ensure that everyone swims together to avoid situations of swimming off too far.

Yes, Lake Lanier is the most recreational vacation spot if one overlooks the tragedies that take place every year. The lake is filled with the bodies of helpless victims who have fallen to their deaths on the hands of dark forces. Despite precaution and safety concerns, this lake continues to fill in its share of horror stories that seem to be never-ending. This place is a perfect example of turning your leisure vacation into a horrific memory.

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