I Have Started Cooking While Menstruating To Become A Bitch In Next Life.

Meet candy... .she was a woman in her last birth and here I am, a woman in this birth. I cook for my husband and kids and I make every possible endeavour to make their life happy whereas everyone makes every possible endeavour to make candy’s life happy. I wake up every morning before the dawn and works till night, but the only thing she does is sit back and relax. Candy move around the entire house and enjoy her day. We cook for her, play with her, shower her with love, affection and favourite toys whereas I struggle to get even an hour off from my day. Still, there are statements that women should not be cooking during menstruating because as a result, she turns into a kutri (bitch) in her next birth. But I am really jealous of the lavish life of candy, a bitch. So, I have started cooking while menstruating to become a bitch in next life.

Ladies, even if you are jealous of her lavish then Try cooking while u r menstruating and in next birth u will be given a lavish life not a life of an Indian woman.

Some of you may be wondering at least women have an identity while a Bitch doesn't but trust me we have the same identity just the name is different they are called bitch while we are called women, we both are used as a slang, only difference is that bitch is used as a slang for us and we are considered as a slang to our masters the man "Janana mat ban" ("Don't become like a woman").

Do think about it..........................

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