Is GP Block of Meerut Really Haunted or Deep Conspiracy has Paved its Way to Some Dark Secret Story?

Is GP Block of Meerut Really Haunted or Deep Conspiracy has Paved its Way to Some Dark Secret Story

Meerut is one of the most well-known cities located in Uttar Pradesh, India and is currently a part of the National Capital Region (NCR). The city is marked for the development of urban spaces, growing infrastructure, and ancient settlements that date back to the Indus Valley Civilization.

Being an old city, Meerut had to face several ups and downs and have few places connecting to all those unforeseen events and spooky tales. This has spread the belief among the citizens that the city of Meerut is home to a few haunted places such as GP Block.

Meerut is also known as “Ravaan ka Sasural” is an ancient city believed to be once ruled by “Rakshas” Mayasur who is known as Mandodari’s father in The Ramayana. In earlier times it is said that the whole of Uttar Pradesh was known as Maya-Rashtra. Mandodari was born in Maya-Rashtra and later married Ravaana hence the name “Ravaan ka Sasural” (Ravana’s in law’s house).

An ancient house situated between the thick trees and vegetation growing around it which is on the brink of falling apart and no houses nearby makes a perfect example of a haunted place.

GP Block of Meerut:

The GP Block of Meerut also has one such place. The three buildings in the palace are said to have been abandoned for several decades. The walls of these buildings have ravaged by time wild foliage covering the buildings from all the sides and the air of eeriness best defines the GP Block perfectly.

But according to the usual beliefs, it is not a single house but three structured combined to form this haunted area. It is a compound with three buildings surrounding it. According to historians, this house belonged to British Army Forces with the style of architecture of the house in the early 1900s. It undoubtedly belonged to some rich families before they decided to leave this place.

The entire area is a defense compound and under army protection. There are no houses or buildings nearby apart from a renowned school, St. Mary’s Academy, and a banquet hall. The people living there said that there was never an instance they saw anyone living in the house or as they said in Hindi, “Jaha tak humne isse dekha hai yeh hamesha se tutta phutta hi hai kabhi kisi ko issme rehte hue nahi dekha.” (The building stands here like this damaged and broken for a long time. We haven’t seen anyone residing here).

It is said that 6 caretakers are taking care of the house living there. Now the question arises that why does a place which is considered haunted needs caretakers’?

Hauntings of GP Block are Real?

As we all know that for any place to be considered haunted there is always a story of something tragic happening over that place but the GP Block has no such story apart from people talking about seeing four teenagers eating and drinking beer at that place.

There is another rumor of seeing a woman wearing all red entering and exiting the place or sitting on the rooftop of the house. There are also no stories regarding who the four teenagers are or who the lady in red is.

There are also no incidents where a ghost had tri