Jediism: Online Prank Inspired by Film Star Wars, Now Became a Famous Religion! Read To Know More...

Jediism: Online Prank Inspired by Film Star Wars, Now Became a Famous Religion! Read To Know More...

Jediism is not only a religion; it is also a philosophy, personal development movement, lifestyle, or a way of living. People who believe in Jediism. Also, it believes in a force which is a specific type of energy that binds the universe together by flowing through all things. It is hard to accept, but Jedi likewise believe that people can shape this particular energy to open more noteworthy potential.

Jediism is also a religion that speaks of being guardians of truth, knowledge, and justice. They never stop to promote such ideals. Jediism is a decentralized belief system. Jediism is not about rule books. It by and large comprises recommendations and guides. It changes one's perspective completely.

How did the Jedi start?

The Jedi was first mentioned in a movie, unbelievable but true. The movie's name was Star Wars IV: a new hope. After that, there was no stopping; they remain the main character in the five next Star Wars movies

Jediism also made an entry in all the novels and games based on the Star Wars universe. Even though it was altogether fictional. The maker George Lucas had inquired about the point of view of many religions during their creation. Daoism and Buddhism influence Jediism.

Over the last two decades, the internet has helped in the organization and multiplication of the Jedi religion. The follower of this relation acknowledges the movie as fiction. But also recognizes religious truth said in all the parts of the movies related to Jediism.

Basic beliefs

The focal point of all Jedi beliefs is a power that will be streaming all through the universe. It is a sort of remote energy. We can compare this power with various powers, for example, Indian prana, the Chinese qi, the Daoist Dao, and the Christian Essence of God.

You can follow a Jedi code to promote knowledge, peace, and serenity. The total number of teachings in Jediism are 33.

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The main hurdle in the acceptance of Jediism is the fact that it originated in a fiction movie. This fact is not digested by all very well. Generally, a religion associated with a prophet who had shown a path of greatness to humanity.

When people in the UK asked online to write in Jedi as their religion on the national measurements, Jediism got included. It was a crazy idea to get an amusing result. Whereas, in reality, the number of actual Jedi is questionable. That made the Jedi religion a mere practical joke in the eyes of critics.

Legal recognition

The temple of the Jedi religion registered in Texas in the year 2005. In 2015, it was additionally granted the IRS tax exemption.

Daniel Jones, with his brother Barney, found the church of Jediism in the UK. They accepted that the 2001 UK enumeration has additionally perceived Jediism as a religion. And the quantity of Jedi in Britain is more prominent than that of Scientologists.

Charity Commission for England and Wales excused an application in December 2016. To allow charitable associations status to the Jedi demand sanctuary.

In Turkey, Dokuz Eylul University’s students started an appeal to construct a temple on the campus.

Of Dokuz Eylul University. This appeal was a reaction to a past request requesting a mosque on Istanbul Technical University campus.

Teachings of the Jediism

Prowess - A Jedi aims to achieve greater skills so that they can help others. They try to practice discipline and patience for the greater good.

Justice- A Jedi always strives to walk on the path that is 'right.' They are not affected by their interests and always pass judgment according to their values.

Loyalty- A Jedi always has faith in their values. They remain true to their Jedi brothers and sisters.

Defence- A Jedi will always defend his faith. He is also sworn to protect the way of Jediism.

Courage- A Jedi must always make the right choice, even if it is a difficult one. A Jedi also knows the difference between courage and stupidity and will always try to take the right path.

Faith- Sometimes, the Force may not make much sense to them, but they refuse to leave their faith. They always believe that they have their role to play for the greater good.

Humility- A Jedi knows that their achievements mean that they are developing and prefer not to boast about their achievements.

Fearlessness- A Jedi must learn to leave their fears behind to achieve their duty. They must have enough courage to admit their flaws too.

Nobility- A Jedi always tries to act with honour so that they can set an example for those who wish to follow them on the same path.

Honesty- A Jedi is honest, not only with the others but with themselves too. They believe that there is always more to a person than his appearance, and to see the truth, a person must avoid lies.

Pure motive- Every action that a Jedi takes must have a purpose. Without purpose, there is a lack of foundation and motivation.

Focus- A Jedi knows how to