Jeffrey Dahmer: Gay Serial Killer who Kidnapped His Victim, Killed & Masturbated on Dead Bodies!

Jeffrey Dahmer: Gay Serial Killer who Kidnapped His Victim, Killed & Masturbated on Dead Bodies!

Imagine a person that goes by nicknames like Milwaukee Cannibal or the Milwaukee Monster. A few horrific names, aren't they? Well, Jeffrey Dahmer of Chicago, the US was a person who had such nicknames.

He was a Serial Killer and sex offender who is known to commit 17 murders of young men and boys. Read this article to find out why he got those nicknames and what made him do such things.

Early Life

Jeffry Dahmer, born on 21st May 1960 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, the US to Lionel and Joyce Dahmer. People found Dahmer energetic and happy as a child, but it did not last long. He started suffering from a double hernia. Between the age of four and six, he underwent surgery for correcting the hernias, and his personality changed completely.

From a social and jubilant child, he became a lonely boy, withdrawn and quiet. Even his facial expressions changed from sweet, childlike smiles to emotionless and blank. His changed emotions and facial expressions remained with him for the rest of his life.

The Dahmer family shifted to Bath, Ohio. With this, Dahmer started feeling more insecure. His feelings and shyness forbade him in making new friends. Most of his peers during their leisure loved listening to the latest songs. But, Dahmer never joined them and engaged himself in odd hobbies. Mostly he spent his time collecting road kills, stripping the animal carcasses, and saving the bones.

When he had nothing to do, he was lost and buried deep into his world of fantasies. Dahmer never confronted his parents, which most people considered it an attribute. But, the reality was quite different. His attitude was apathetic to the real world, making him appear as an obedient child.

Dahmer's parents enrolled him in Revere High School. His personality did not change and continued being a loner. He received average grades, worked on school newspapers, and developed the dangerous habit of drinking.

Dahmer's parents continued to struggle with their own problems, gave less importance to him. Later, when Jeffrey was 18, they divorced. However, the young boy continued to live with his father, who remarried and traveled continuously.

After completing his studies at the high school, the young boy enrolled himself at Ohio State University. But, he seldom attended the classes. He began to continue binge drinking and skipping classes. Soon he dropped out of the college after a couple of semesters. His father gave him an ultimatum, stating to either get a job or joining the Army.

Soon, Dahmer realized that he was actually gay. He did not let his parents know about his sexuality. Dahmer once tried to attack a male jogger whom he found attractive with a slugger. But his plan never quite worked out.


Dahmer's murder techniques were gruesome, involving cannibalism and necrophilia, earning him names like Milwaukee Cannibal and the Milwaukee Monster.

On 18th June 1978, when Jeffrey Dahmer was 18, he picked up a hitchhiker, Stephen Hicks, who was almost 19. Dahmer lured this boy in his house upon drinking. The boy wanted to leave, but Dahmer didn't want him to go, so he hit him with a dumbbell and ultimately killed him.

Dahmer stripped the corpse's clothes and masturbated on him. Later he dissected his body and buried it into his graveyard. Then Dahmer went on to join the Army in January 1979.

After his return, he was once involved in a dunk and disorderly conduct for which he served a 10-day prison sentence. In January 1985, he was hired in a Chocolate Factory, where he was known to commit several gay encounters. He was soon fired from his job due to his activities.

He conducted his second murder in September 1987. He, along with his victim, Steven Tuomi, checked into a hotel room and started drinking. When Dahmer woke up in the morning, he found himself heavily drugged and Tuomi dead. He was confused and failed to recollect the memories of the activities of the previous night.

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He brought a large suitcase for carrying away his victim's corpse to the basement of his grandmother's house. Then he dismembered and masturbated with the corpse before disposing of the remains. From 1987 to 1991, Dahmer went on to kill 17 more men.

After Dahmer killed another couple of victims at his grandmother's house, she got tired of his late-night returns and drinking habits. But, she failed to know the truth about the activities carried by him. In 1988, she forced him to move out of the premises.

Dahmer did not stop there. He returned to his grandmother's basements and continued his gruesome activities. He lured an aspiring model, Anthony Sears, in February 1989. He then drugged, sodomized, strangled, and took pictures. Later he dismembered and disposed of it. He was charged for the same in 1989.

In 1989, Dahmer encountered a 13-year old Laotian boy and sexually exploited him. But, he luckily escaped the punishment stating he thought the boy was mature.


It was May 27, 1991, when one of Dahmer's neighbors, Sandra Smith, called the cops. She reported that an Asian boy fled naked in the street. He was the same Laotian boy whom Dahmer molested three years earlier.

On 22nd July 1991, Jeffrey Dahmer abducted a 32-year-old man to pose for nude photographs. Upon reaching Dahmer's house, the man suspected something fishy and managed to escape. The man flagged two police officers.

The policemen investigated the house and found everything that Dahmer had done. U