Makeup Essentials You Should Always Have in Your Bag to look Glamorous 24*7

Love doing makeup? Yeah, of course, every woman in the world does. But, do you need a palate of eye shadow consisting of all colours in a rainbow, 10 eyeliners, and 20 different blushes to carry with you every day? Nobody wants to lunge around with a massive makeup kit in their handbag every day. Right? The trick is minimizing and multitasking your makeup for maximum effects and there’s an easy way to do it.

When was the last time you had a look inside your bag? Have you taken the stock of makeup essentials into your bag every day? No? Then it’s the perfect time to do that! Know the five most essential makeup items to carry with you every day.


The perfect makeup base! In the words of Bobbi Brown, “Not only does it hydrates your skin, but it also protects its moisture barrier.” Never skip moisturizing. Even if you have oily skin, apply it. It will help regulate oil production. Find a moisturizer that will suit your skin type. Use it religiously after cleansing and toning your face. Some of the best-recommended moisturizers include:


A mascara with its magical wand works wonder. It’s capable of transforming your eyes and instantly amp those lashes with more volume, definition and length. A makeup tool that will make your eyes bright during the morning. While choosing a mascara, look for certain factors such as the shape of the brush and the formula is designed to do. Recommended:


One of the most essential and basic items. Want to cover blemishes, dark under-eye circles or redness? Apply concealer. It will work like a charm. Best to apply after applying your foundation. Recommended concealers:


A good shade of lipstick not only brightens up your face but also prevents it from looking blushed out. Lip colour? You have infinite choices! New to lipsticks? Start with the less pigmented hues and gradually move into the bolder ones. We recommend:

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Correct application of blush instantly lifts your face with a gorgeous and youthful look. Best to choose a colour that complements well with your skin tone rather than those that is too bright. A bright tone looks loud and definitely fake. Best opt for a shade that adds colour to your face and sculpts your cheeks. Some of the recommended concealers include:

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