Minor Hindu Girl Kidnapped by Muslim and Converted to Islam in Bihar, India #LoveJihad

Minor Hindu Girl Kidnapped by Muslim and Converted to Islam in Bihar, India #LoveJihad
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Recently a LoveJihad incident Shook the Entire Bihar, India. A girl is missing for a year in Begusarai district of Bihar reportedly LoveJihad Mafia's hand.

On November 20, a girl named Disha in Bihar’s Begusarai went missing. She went to tuition at 9:30 am and when she did not return home till 12:30 pm, parents went to tutor's place and asked her friends. They discovered the girl was last seen leaving from the tuition with the tutor Mr Mohammad Jaseem alias Sameer.

The parents waited for 2-3hrs and then called all her relatives and friend. When all attempts to find her failed and finally decided to report in the local police station.

On November 22, a written application was filed by her parents accusing the 26 year old tutor Sameer to be the kidnapper of their 16-year-old minor daughter. The station house officer Manish Singh of Mufffasil police station’s Dumri block filed it under IPC sections 366 (procuration of a minor girl, punishable with imprisonment up to ten years) and 364 (kidnapping or abducting to murder, punishable with imprisonment up to ten years).

When the parents did not find the girl for two days, they went to Sameer's home where her mother showed them heap of papers which stated that the girl and Sameer have married a year back in a mosque in Lakhminia on 27 August 2018 after she converted herself to Islam as per free will and changing her name to Nazma Khatoon. The most shocking thing was the age in the documents were false which mentioned the girl to be 19years old.

Sameer's mother also gave a document that showed Sameer has filed a 'sanah' against girl's father on 26 June 2019, stating that the girl is pressurized by her family to separate them against the girl's wish. But the parents have denied the accusation stating that they were unaware of the marriage.

The Parent has proved the age of the girl to be 17 as per aadhar card which shows the date of birth to be 27 February 2002 contrary to the age on the affidavit which is 27 February 2000.

The girls family accused the police of inaction and so they have approached Shubham Bhardwaj, a 23-year-old Bajrang Dal activist in Begusarai for help. He came forward and confirmed that this is not the first case that the district has seen but such JihaadLove is very common where innocent Hindu girls are converted to Islam and then are left after few years of marriage.

This type of news is really shocking and heartbreaking to see a minor girl going through such a pain in a matter of communal hatred. The only way to stop another innocent girl has spread the story so that people develop more awareness.