Muslim Guy Tortured Hindu Girl in Kerala, India to convert into Muslim Faking Love

Muslim Guy Tortured Hindu Girl in Kerala, India to convert into Muslim Faking Love #MeToo
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A shocking case recently came in front from Kerala, India about Love Jihad. A Hindu student from Kannur, Anjana came in front and shared her brutal love story.

Anjana fell in love with a guy named Mushabeer whom she met in a local cultural festival “kalolsavam". They met and became friends with each other. The friendship converted into love in 6 months and then the true colour of the guy started coming out.

Mushabeer started to pressurise the girl to change the religion of Anjana as a pre-condition for marriage. Eventually, pressure culminated into a brutal physical assault on Anjana. Then came a turning point where he confessed to doing the same with others and who had all agreed to convert to Islam.

Anjana showed courage and unlike other girls told her parents. Anjana along with his parents lodged a police complaint. But shockingly, refused to conduct an investigation.

Anjana revealed that Mushabeer even threatened to put acid on her face if she doesn't convert. She also told that Mushabeer was not alone, his friends are also fooling other girls falling in love with them only to make them convert to Islam.

This is not the first case of conversion that has been reported in a secular country, India. Many such incidents have been reported in the past. It has been seen in many cases that the guy meets the girl faking a Hindu identity in the initial stages of the relationship and then when the girl falls in love, the girl is forced to convert or the guy threatens to leave.

The heartbreaking point comes when in most of the cases the guy leaves the girl after conversion or a few years after marriage. Due to conversion into a different religion, those girls are not even accepted by their family back home leaving their remaining life miserable.

Anjan's case, especially in such a political disturbance in the country, is adding a log to the fire. But we must applaud Anjana for being brave enough to overcome physical assault and appeal for help from her family.


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