Numerology or Superstition? Why is 3 Perceived as Unlucky Around The World, Know the Fact!

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People will change their travel plans, postpone purchases, or spend their life savings on lottery tickets, all based on their core beliefs the root of which is often unknown. Numbers are not spared of these as well. Friday the 13th, or 666 or the number 3- haven't we heard of numerous superstitious beliefs and their unconventional antidotes!

Curious about where did these numbers get their reputations? How core beliefs relating to just a number are affecting people? Aren't you?

The Superstition

For years, the number 3 has been thought to be "unlucky," but why? How can a number be associated with so much superstition and significance? This superstition may date back to the 1890s, depending on why someone thinks 3 is bad luck.

Certain incidents could have happened that may have contributed to the belief in this superstition. Patterns are an obvious cognitive addition to this belief system. When we see patterns or sequences that appear often, it is much easier for our brains to allocate items to each other. Also, religious beliefs can be considered as one of the causes of superstition.

3 in the Ancient World

  1. In Christianity, there is a Father, a Son, and a Holy Spirit. Christ, it seems, died at 3 p.m. That helps to understand why many people believe 3 a.m. is the start of the Devil's Hour.

  2. Odin, Thor, Freyr, and Freyja each have three weapons, artifacts, or magical objects in Norse mythology.

  3. And Greek mythology joins in the fun. The earth is divided between the three brothers, Zeus (the sky), Poseidon (the seas), and Hades (the underworld). Clotho, Lachesis, and Atropos, the Three Fates, rule the length of human life.

The general perception of 3

3 (Three) is a natural number. It is an odd and a prime number as well as it is the smallest number which is one less than a perfect square. 3 is the smallest number of sides a polygon can have, which is a triangle and is the most stable shape in the world.

There are 3 primary colors red, blue, and yellow, using which all the others colors can be formed. Still, 3 being a number that people consider a bad sign is something that can go over the head. The number three is also associated with various religions and religious beliefs and has varying narratives on a person's spiritual path.

Three is a pattern almost followed by everyone in this world in some or the other way for starters, starting a race with 1 2 3 go or "ready set go", films, stories and plays have a "beginning", a "middle" and an "end".

Fairy tales usually have three wishes, bears, sisters, brothers and days, etc., basically, three are everywhere. A man and a woman together make a third- a child. Three (3) are several times, such as in "Past-Present-Future", "Birth-Life-Death" and "Beginning-Middle-End".