Pedro Alonso Lopez: Story & 10 Unknown Facts about Serial killer Who Raped & Killed 300 Young Girls!

Pedro Alonso Lopez: Story & 10 Unknown Facts about Serial killer Who Raped & Killed 300 Young Girls!

Ecuador, 1980, a small hill town of Ambato was celebrating the festival of fruits and flowers. But that year, the joy of carnival was muted. Many girls between the age of 8 and 12 had vanished in the whole country.

Nobody knew what was happening. Their parents were desperate for answers. Days later, the dead bodies of the missing girls started to show up. They were raped and strangled. The killer could be anywhere.

The Darkness Revealed:

The people of Ambato were alert and cautious of the killer. One day, a stranger was selling chains and padlocks at a poor plaza. He approached a vendor and asked to sell him food, he stared at the vendor's daughter and asked her to come near him.

The kid went to her mother and told her about this incident. Immediately, the vendor became suspicious, called other vendors, and caught that man. She accused him of kidnapping, but he said he's innocent, he is not a thief and had a pure heart.

Discovery of the Dead Bodies:

The police caught the stranger and had him under their custody. The man was found to be Pedro Alonso Lopez, 31. Pedro opened up his act to Captain Pastore Cordova, who was in charge of that case. Pedro had traveled between Columbia, Peru, and Ecuador searching for young girls.

He discloses that he raped them and strangled them to death. Later on, the news of the serial killer got spread along the outskirts of Columbia. Pedro Alonso Lopez explained to the police of Ambato how he did the crime.

A Well-Planned Horror:

Pedro approaches poor little girls on the streets, over the ages of 8-12, telling them that he had lost his way and helps him find a way to the bus. He relied on his charm and would show himself helpless, to make the children trust him. He never kidnapped them; he takes them to abandoned places where they could not be heard.

He rapes the girls all night, rape them again in the morning, and killed them. He said he cared for those children, he wanted to help them and make them free from poverty. He strangles them so that they go to heaven and not suffer in this world.

After hearing this terror, the policemen couldn't imprison Pedro, because they had to find all the missing girls till the end. Pedro Alonso Lopez led the way to show where he buried the dead bodies of the victims. More than 300 young girls have been raped and murdered by Pedro Alonso Lopez.

Audiencia and Ivanova's case:

11-year-old Audiencia Garces Ivanova was selling newspapers in the streets of Ecuador. Pedro offered her 100 Sucre's (10$) and asked her to be his guide. He took her under a bridge, raped, and murdered her. He covered her in the same newspaper she was selling.

Their parents could not complain to the police as the police only considered complaints of the rich. It was when 9- year-old Ivanova, daughter of a famous baker did the same injustice, this violence came to light. Her father complained to the police, and then slowly, all the cases of the missing girls showed up one by one.

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Interesting Facts about Pedro Alonso Lopez:

  • Pedro was cold and emotionless when he identified the bodies in the gravesites below city hall, Como. He was completely normal.

  • Pedro was very eager to show the bodies to the police.

  • He remembered every single detail of the victims, the place and time he buried them.

  • He never felt guilt or grief for what he did.

  • He was never caught in this act for 12 years; he was very smart and used innocent words to manipulate and justify his actions.

  • He grabbed the skull of victims and held it under his arms so that he would be taken a picture, feeling proud of what he did.

  • He had a strong friendship with captain Cordova, whom he confided all his crime; Pedro called him as "Papa";

  • The police offered Pedro coffee, tobacco, and invited him to eat chicken to get the truth out from him.

  • He always targeted poverty striven kids of age 8-12 in Columbia, and never approached white people (Later, you will know why)

  • So far, he had been accused of 110 murders, but he claims he murdered 200 more.

The Birth of A Serial Killer:

Pedro Alonso Lopez was born on October 8, 1948, in Santa Isabel town, Columbia. His father Midardo Reyes, a member of Columbia's Conservative Party, had died in Colombia's civil war. His mother, Benilda Lopez De Casteneda was eight months pregnant with him. At the age of 5, Pedro and his mother moved to Espinel.

According to his mother, Pedro wanted to become a teacher; he was a polite young boy and often would help other kids to learn. But Pedro's side of the story is in contrast to his mother's. Pedro has seen his mother commit sexual acts with men; she was abusive and violent towards Pedro.

So, he had to defend himself. Pedro ran away from her at the age of 8. He went to Bogota, the capital of Columbia, to fulfil his dreams.