Shocking News from New Zealand! Sheeps pregnant with triplets are made to Wear a Bra.

Shocking News from New Zealand! Sheeps pregnant with triplets are made to Wear a Bra.

Humans and animals have coexisted for several generations. Some we pet, some we breed to grow and cultivate. Pastoral societies have relied on the domestication of animals as a resource since the early ages. It is our responsibility to care for them after all.

We humans do love to dress our animals and often like ourselves. In the world of the Internet, videos and pictures of pets getting all dressed up is immensely popular. Pet shows are held around the world where the owners dress their pets and win prizes. The pets often go on to have their own social media account with a huge number of followers.

The case for Rose, the sheep, was not quite similar. Recently, a picture of a sheep wearing a bra went viral. The picture of the sheep, Rose left many netizens surprised and amused. The pictures were posted by a farm captioned "Sheep in a bra! This photo is not staged." The picture itself is the reason for the sheep’s strange attire.

A post shared on Facebook by Franklin Vets Lifestyle Farms in New Zealand details, "' Rose' was pregnant with triplets, and the sheer weight of her udder damaged the Suspensory Ligaments that hang the heavy organ from her body. When this happens the udder can hang so low that it can be traumatized on the ground, and unless the situation can be corrected, is a cause for euthanasia."

To correct the situation, the sheep was induced, and she gave birth to three healthy lambs. A maternity bra was used to help Rose further.

The post further explains the situation. “For Roses’ own welfare her lambs are being bottle reared so Rose can dry off. The hope is that her udder will revert to a small, comfortable size, and she can just be kept on hormonal contraception throughout the natural breeding season.”

The hope is that this will help Rose because if it doesn’t, the only option would be surgery to remove the udder. “But for now, her bra is working a treat, and she is comfortable and happy” it adds.

“Lucky Rose that she has a wonderful owner,” says a Facebook user. “How interesting is this!” says another. “Haven’t heard of this being done before but then I am a townie. A super idea for the poor Mumma. Glad the lambs arrived safe and sound,” says a third.

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