Ted Bundy: Most Famous Serial Killer Famous For Kidnappings, Murders, & Rapes Of Young Girl & Women

Ted Bundy: Most Famous Serial Killer Famous For Kidnappings, Murders, & Rapes Of Young Girl & Women

Ted Bundy describes himself as “the most cold-hearted son of a bitch you’ll ever meet”, and his activities prove the statement true. The name of Ted Bundy alias Theodore Robert Bundy sends shivering down millions of spines.

He is famous for kidnappings, murders, and rapes of several young girls and women before and during the 1970s. His life and activities inspired several novels, series, and films.

A serial killer is born from his dark experiences. Here we narrate you the dark past that made this once a shy boy and a lifesaver one of the famous serial killers.

Early Life

Bundy’s childhood was not a bed of roses. This made people believe that this was the start or explanation of his psychotic behavior. Born on November 24, 1946, in Burlington, Vermont, to Eleanor Louise Cowell and an Air Force veteran and Penne State graduate, Lloyd Marshall.

Ted’s grandparents adopted him as their son. They described Eleanor as his sister. His maternal grandfather was a tyrannical person. He always brutally tortured him as well as his mother. Eleanor failed to tolerate this and fled away with her five-year-old son. She went to Tacoma, Washington, and stayed there with one of her cousins.

After a few years, Eleanor fell in love with Johnnie Bundy, a hospital chef, and married him. Johnnie legally adopted Ted and thus bestowed his surname. But, Ted disliked and disrespected his stepfather in front of his girlfriend stating that his father is uneducated and poor.

Bundy gave clashing accounts of his early years to various biographers. He narrated a normal life punctuated by dark fantasies that influenced him powerfully. At the age of three, knives enchanted him. He was bright, and naturally did well in school but not with his classmates. As a teenager, his dark side surfaced a little. He involved himself in petty crimes, stealing things from people.

In 1972, Bundy graduated in psychology from the University of Washington. After completing his school, he visited the East Coast and learnt a new truth. The person whom he believed to be his sister was actually his mother.

Later he fell in love with a wealthy, beautiful, and high-class girl with long dark hair. In his later days, all his murders resembled her. By the 1970s, Bundy had renovated himself, becoming more outwardly confident and enthusiastic in social and political issues.

The Murders

He confessed to killing 36 young women and girls in several states in the 1970s. But, experts believe the deaths to have crossed more than 100. No one ever knows the number of women he had killed.