The 10 Most Mysterious Places On Planet Earth

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Planet Earth is a wondrous place full of magnificent natural wonders and jaw-dropping man-made marvels that never fail to amaze. Most of what happens in our world are explicable. Some destinations, however, remain shrouded in mystery to this day, with the world's greatest minds unable to ascertain their histories or describe their extraordinary features.

But, the question is how many of these places do you believe exist on the earth? Most likely, a question with no answer! If you're interested in places with mythical roots or mysterious events that give you goosebumps, these enigmatic locations on the earth will pique your interest.These mysterious places to visit on earth would undoubtedly want to add to your bucket list of strange things to do on your foreign vacation.

Let us begin our list of the most mysterious places to visit on Earth with all of the fanfare and bliss.

The Bermuda Triangle

The first mysterious place to visit is The Bermuda Triangle is the most well-known and enigmatic location on the planet. More than 20 planes and 50 ships are said to have disappeared into thin air or sunk without a trace.

Crooked Forest

Location: Poland

With hundreds of unusual pine trees, this Polish forest lives up to its name. Several hundred pine trees were planted there in the 1930s, and they grew with a nearly 90-degree bend at the base, giving them an appearance resembling fishing hooks.

Devils Bridge

Location: Germany

Many locations around the world have been called "Devil's Bridge" due to a supernatural link, but the most well-known is in the German town of Kromlau.

The parabolic bridge, which was built in the 1860s, is one of the most beautiful bridges in the world. It forms a full circle and reflects itself in the water below.

Door to Hell

Location: Turkmenistan

A gaping, fiery crater opened up in the desert of northern Turkmenistan nearly 50 years ago. The Darvaza Crater, also known as the Door to Hell, is still burning today, with its glow visible from miles away at night.

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Kawah Ijen Lake

Location: Indonesia

Because of an unusual natural phenomenon that happens here, Kawah Ijen Lake is frightening and spectacular. Sulfuric gases burst through the rocky surfaces surrounding the lake, combusting as they come into contact with the outside air. This results in flames shooting up to 16 feet into the air. Blue fires start to ignite, and liquid sulfur cascades down the mountain like electric blue lava.

Lake Hillier

Location: Australia

Lake Hillier in Australia has the most exotic and beautiful waters in the world, with its bubblegum-pink waters. The explanation for Lake Hillier's color is still a mystery.

Magnetic Hills

Location: India

Moving on to the next mysterious places to visit which is the Magnetic hills, also known as gravity hills, creates optical illusions in which a path that appears to be sloping uphill due to the surrounding terrain is sloping downhill, causing cars, buses, and other vehicles to roll uphill against gravity.

The Nazca Lines

Location: Peru

The ancient Nazca people of Peru carved hundreds of massive drawings of humans, animals, and plants into the desert plain more than 2,000 years ago. The reason behind these drawings is still unknown.

Stone Spheres

Location: Palmar Sur, Costa Rica

The Stone Spheres of Costa Rica, also known as the Diquis Stone Spheres or simply "Las Balos," are one of archaeology's greatest mysteries.

The nearly perfectly round spheres, numbering over 300, were discovered by workers clearing a field in the 1930s. They come in a variety of sizes and weigh up to 16 tons. They are incredible man-made inventions, but no one knows how or why an ancient indigenous culture produced them.

Coral Castle

Location: Homestead, Florida

Coral Castle in Homestead, Florida was designed entirely by hand by a heartbroken man.

He cut, moved, carved, and sculpted over 1,100 tons of coral rock without the use of heavy machinery. It's still a mystery how he accomplished this feat of engineering with just hand tools.

Marfa Lights

Location: Texas

For more than a century, onlookers have been trying to describe the twinkling lights that appear at night outside the tiny town of Marfa in