This Dancing Video of Donal Trump on Ranveer Singh’s Malhari has Left the Internet by Storm.

Donal Trump has always been a favourite fodder for memes. Recently his arrival in India was a much-talked topic and it is not surprising to see social media with his memes. But the dancing of US president on Ranveer Singh’s Malhari has left the internet by storm.

If you are Bollywood fan then you must have seen Ranveer Singh dancing in Malhari but Trump’s Malhari is going viral on Twitter and it is taking the internet by storm.

The video is a superhit track of US President Donal Trump dancing instead of Ranveer Singh as someone photoshopped Donald Trump’s head on the actor’s body.

If you are wondering, how it looks then look at the hilarious video here:

After watching the video, we seriously see Trump has some serious competition for Ranveer.

The video was posted by @mad_liberals on twitter with the caption, "Peshwa warrior Trump."

The video is going viral and getting a lot of praises for the on-point and hilarious editing of the video.

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