Top 10 Haunted Museums in the world that are worth visiting

most haunted museums in the world

Are you fascinated by the stories of haunted museums? Do you admire stories like “Robert the doll stories” and stories of the Anabelle Doll? Well, you have landed at the correct place.

Museums are known for various artefacts and valuable art forms. Along with these art forms, some of the museums are also famous for their mysterious horror stories. Believe me, some of the mysterious stories of most haunted museums in the world are horrifying.

So, let’s get some thrill by knowing the mysterious stories of the most haunted museums in the world.

Cleveland Museum of Art

The Cleveland Museum of Art is one of the most haunted museums in the world. It is situated in Cleveland, Ohio. Numerous guests of the museum have various ghost stories to tell. People claim that ghosts make us feel their presence in the museum.

People have claimed that they have seen a small kid lope in the corridors of the museum. The little boy looks similar to a boy in one of the paintings. The dress of the boy is also similar to that in the painting. A lot of stories about the portrait of Jean Gabriel, also known as “the mysterious grey man”, have been heard. The grey man keeps on observing the guests in the museum. The man then suddenly vanishes into the painting.

Stories about the ornate mirror in the museum are also famous. Guests have claimed that they could see a reflection of a man in the mirror. The man disappears when the guests turn around. A lot of stories about portraits staring the guests: people have also observed the spirit of the director of the museum.

Fremantle Arts Center

Fremantle Arts centre has a very dark history. The museum is located in Australia. This place was used as a mental asylum in the past. The authorities of the asylum cruelly harassed the patients. Many haunted events have been allegedly observed in the museum.

The ghosts make us feel their presence in various ways. Anthony Grzelka, an Australian ghost whisperer, has observed a spirit of a man in the museum. He believes that the man must have been a nasty nurse in the asylum. Anthony sensed a fierce smell of burning from an area where electric shock treatment was given to the patients.

Visitors have experienced sudden temperature drops in the museum. There have been stories of a couple of people pushed in the stairwell in the museum. Another story of a woman looking for her child is also well-known. A child’s voice has also been heard from an area of the museum. A group of visitors heard heavy footsteps towards the door of the museum, and when they opened the door, no one was present. With many different spooky stories, this art centre is one of the most haunted museums in the world.

Torquay Museum

This particular museum is popular among paranormal enthusiasts and is one of the most haunted museums in the world. It is situated in England. CCTV footages and photos provide evidence for the presence of ghosts in the museum.

Ghosts are literally active in this museum. The CCTV cameras have captured footage where books can be seen flying. Tiny fingerprints have appeared on the case of a mummified child. The case had not been opened for a decade. Many people claim that they have seen ghosts randomly appearing from different places. The image of a pretty girl was captured by ghost hunters in the museum. The girl has been labelled as Britain’s Sexiest Ghost, and the girl rises from the floor. The girl was wearing period clothes from the Victorian era.

Guests have shared many stories of witnessing apparitions and hearing footsteps in the museum. Visitors have claimed that they had seen a ghost that suddenly vanished through a bookcase in the library. Many different videos that include paranormal activities of the museum are shared on the internet.

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Pharmacy Museum

The pharmacy museum is located in New Orleans and is a historical treasure. The ghost stories of this particular museum are well-known. With various ghastly incidents noted in the museum, it is one of the most haunted museums in the world.

The most popular ghost in the museum is that of Dr Dupas. Dufilho, the first licensed pharmacist of the nation, sold the building to the doctor. The doctor had performed vicious experiments on pregnant slaves. It is believed that the doctor continued these ghastly experiments for a decade. Many people have claimed that they had seen the ghost of Dr Dupas. The spirit of the doctor threw books and moved items in the museum, and trigger the alarm of the museum.

The kid working at the front desk of the museum has complained that he had seen a girl and a boy roaming inside the building and in the courtyard behind the building. Both the kids are believed to be the children of Louis Dufilho.

The Museum of Albemarle

The museum of Albemarle, located in North Carolina, is rife with the belongings of the dead. Many haunting stories of the museum are popular, and it is one of the most haunted museums in the world. Various weird noises and paranormal activities have been sensed in the museum.

This museum is particularly famous for two ghosts. Visitors and Staff members have seen the spirit of Fred Fearing. He was a historian who donated many valuable artefacts to the museum. It is believed that the historian still haunts the museum.

The other spirit is of a 19-year-old girl Nell Cropsey. The dead body of the girl was thrown in the Pasquotank River. Many people have complained that they have seen the ghost of the girl in the museum. A lot of evidence about other spirits has also been gathered by paranormal enthusiasts. These mysteries of the museum make this museum one of the most haunted museums in the world.