Tunnel Of Love: Story Behind The Mesmerizing Ukraine’s Tunnel That Grants a Wish To The True Couple!

Tunnel Of Love: Story Behind The Mesmerizing Ukraine’s Tunnel That Grants a Wish To The True Couple

Ukraine's Tunnel of Love is the new destination for most of the lovebirds. It is like an ordinary railway that eventually turned into one of the most romantic spots on the planet. It is a beautiful spot in Klevan, stretching nearly about two miles and leading itself to a fireboard factory.

Story behind Tunnel of Love:

A train runs three times a day and transports wood to the nearby factory. During the other times of the day, the railway tracks passing through the tree tunnel makes a lovely stroll both for the couples and singles visiting the place.

The romantic setting of the stretch earned its nickname, the "Tunnel of Love". The name is given for the Green Mile Tunnel decorated naturally by the bright leafy branches arching over the railway. The trees in the tunnel were left to grow freely around the rails, and the passing train was capable of shaping its way. Eventually, as the train crossed the Klevan village forest back and forth thrice a day, the train shaped a closed tunnel according to the size.

Location & Popularity:

Presently, the Tunnel of Love is the most popular among the lovers round the world. the local people state that if a couple with sincere intentions visits, the tunnel will be granted a wish. The tunnel is as the lushest during the spring and summer when the trees are at the peak of their leafiness. But the colorful foliage of fall and snow-covered branches of winter captivates the sights of the visitors as well.

Located between the villages of Klevan and Orzhiv on the Kovel-Rivne line, running for a distance of seven-kilometer, lies the famous railway section. Near Orzhiv, the line splits into two. One of them leads to Klevan and the other to a secret military base, hidden into the forest from the Cold war era. In those days, the trees were deliberately planted alongside the railway tracks to conceal the transport of military hardware.

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The "Tunnel of Love" is kept neatly trimmed by the industrial freight trains operated by the Odek plywood factory in Orzhiv. The birch trees across Ukraine are trucked into the factory where they turn into plywood panels.

These are then loaded into large containers and hauled by the trains to the Klevan railway junction, from where they are taken to the main trunk line to markets across West Europe. The tunnel starts after a few hundred meters from the factory and is widely popular in the country. Couples and newlyweds often have their memorable photoshoots here. Sometimes the train operators face several problems or the tourists, and they keep a sharp eye on the tracks so as not to hurt the travelers.

Some years before, there was an isolated accident when a 38 years old Japanese woman was struck by the train and fractured her hip. There is no protection given to the tunnel from the government of the nation.

But for easy passage of the train, a few years ago, the factory cut down several trees. This created a massive outcry of the nation people as well as other visitors, and the factory has not touched a tree since then.

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