Vrindavan Society: Why is His Spirit Still Connected To The Building 66B? Haunted Secret of 66B!

Vrindavan Society: Why is His Spirit Still Connected To The Building 66B? Haunted Secret of 66B!

Vrindavan is a housing society consisting of approximately more than 100 flats in Thane, India. This society has all the amenities that a house needs to be considered as a great resident. It is near to the eastern highway and thane the police station. Thane and Malad-Gurgaon stations are also available from there.

Now one might think about what is wrong with this society. All was well until society faced an eerie problem. Building number 66B, on the northern side of society, is the main source of problem for everyone living in the society.

Slapping Ghost:

Paranormal activities started when a middle-aged man decided to end his life by committing suicide. The middle-aged man decided to jump from the balcony of his home and killed himself.

After that, the people in the building started feeling an eerie feeling and many complaints were also registered about this problem. The guards on duty also complained about it. Once when a guard was sitting on a chair guarding the society.

He suddenly felt someone, slapped him. He thought that his fellow guards might have slapped him while he was not paying attention. He started questioning the fellow guards about the situation but no one knew what he was talking about. He thought maybe it’s just a prank and did not pay any heed further.

Other people in the society also complained about being slapped out of nowhere like someone is walking and slapping sensation is felt on the cheeks. One guard even said that he fell down from a chair when someone slapped him. The people continued felling the eerie felling along with other paranormal things.

But the slapping was the most frequently felt. The apartment of the middle-aged man was also searched for the answers but nothing out of ordinary was found. Then people started forgetting about it.

Apart from the slapping of people in the air. Some people even said that they feel that there is someone in their house. Some even said that they felt someone watching them continuously.

The people living in the flats in the society felt someone entering their house or watching them while they are out and about doing their things. Sometimes even while taking a walk, they can feel someone walking beside them.

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A similar case was seen in Brijraj Palace in Kota, where it is said that the spirit of Major Burton is seen around. The spirit is said to slap only the sleeping guards on duty. It can be said that Major Burton was quite strict before his assassination and does not like people not taking their work seriously. Apart from this, the spirit of Major Burton is considered quite harmless.