House Constructed to Deceive Ghost! Winchester Mystery House: The Secret Behind Bizarre Construction

House Constructed to Deceive Ghost! Winchester Mystery House: The Secret Behind Bizarre Construction

Well-drawn plans require a lot of attention and research. The construction of any structure requires a well-planned blueprint and an Architectural vision. Sarah Winchester did not have those in mind when she attempted to construct the weird structure of Winchester house. The Winchester Mystery House has often been a subject of rumours and claims regarding its bizarre construction and its ghostly inhabitants.


The Winchester Mystery House was built by Sarah Winchester, a grieving widow who became the heir to the Winchester Firearm Fortune. Sarah Winchester was the wife of William Winchester, the heir to the Winchester Repeating Arms Company.

A well-educated lady of her time, she was fluent in four languages and had the privilege of attending several prestigious schools. However, she considered her greatest moment to be the birth of her only child Annie.

Unfortunately, tragedy stuck the Winchester family, when Annie passed away, just six weeks after her birth. Less than a decade later, she lost her husband too.

On the death of her husband, Sarah inherited $20 million as well as a 50 percent stake in her late husband’s company, the Winchester Repeating Arms Company, which left her with a daily income of $1000. However, money meant nothing to her when she lost her family within a short time.

Communication with Dead Husband:

Grieving, she sought the help of a medium to communicate with her deceased husband. She hoped to receive some guidance from him on how to spend the rest of her fortune as well as her life.

Though the exchange between them was unclear, the medium was able to successfully channel William, who advised her to move from New Haven, Connecticut to California. She was told to construct a house in California, in order to appease the souls of all those who lost their lives due to the Winchester Rifles.

Apparently, what drove her to build the house was because she was told that her tragedies were a result of vengeful spirits who sought to haunt their family. She had to construct the house to live, failing, she would become a victim of those ghosts.

Reconstruction into Winchester Mystery House:

Spooked, she immediately began the construction of the house in 1884. At the time of purchase, the house was a small unfinished farmhouse, but that quickly changed into the house that we all know as the Winchester Mystery house.

Hurriedly, Winchester had hired carpenters who worked around the clock, in shifts, so that the process of construction was continuous. Without proper blueprints and the presence of an architect, the house was haphazardly constructed.

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Without proper guidance, the constructors had built the structure weirdly. Rooms were added to the exterior walls and the windows overlooked other rooms. Multiples staircases were also constructed which were uneven, giving them a spooky look. More strangely, the staircases seemed to be leading nowhere.

Many of the alterations seem to be pointless since the doors would open to solid walls and hallways would turn a corner and end in a dead-end. Also, Sarah Winchester insisted upon using redwood to build the whole house.

However, she did not like its appearance, and hence she ordered the constructors to paint them with stain and faux grains. As a result, over 20,000 gallons of paint were used to cover the redwood.

House Constructed to Deceive Ghost! Winchester Mystery House: The Secret Behind Bizarre Construction

By the end of the Construction, the strange house had seven stories, 161 rooms, 47 fireplaces, 10,000 panes of glass panes, two basements, three elevators and a mysterious maze. It is said that the maze was constructed to confuse the ghosts from attacking Sarah.

The house only contained two mirrors and Sarah used secret passages and slept in different rooms to avoid being attacked by ghosts. However, upon entering the House, it is noticed that Sarah did not spare a single expense.

The house contained many expensive chandeliers and glass-paned windows which were purchased specifically from Tiffany. The house also contained extensive plumbing work and hot water for the comfort of Sarah. Additionally, hot air also flowed through the house.

Unfortunately, in 1906, the house was struck by an earthquake, which resulted in toppling the first three stories and causing heavy damage to the other four stories along with it. However, thanks to its floating foundation, the house managed to withstand the damages.

Throughout the entire construction of the Winchester house, Sarah never confirmed the presence of ghosts in the house. Constructors reported that Sarah would regularly have scenes to have contact with the spirits.

Reportedly, she constructed the house strangely due to those spirits. Out of the 13 bathrooms in the home, only one was functional, to confuse any ghosts wishing to haunt a spigot. Throughout her stay and till her death, people continued to speculate regarding the strange house.

After her death in 1922, Sarah left all her belongings to her niece Marion. Marion took all the precious things and later auctioned off the house. The new owners of the house claimed that it took six weeks to strip the house of its furniture.

Due to its famous reputation, a local investor decided to purchase it for a whopping $135,000. The house was soon opened to public tours, just 5 months after Sarah’s death.

Till date, the house continued to leave people confused with its odd construction. Even after 95 years, it seems that Sarah Winchester continued to leave people baffled. The exact reason behind the construction of the Winchester Mystery House still remains a mystery, though people still believe it to be the work of the spirits.


Interestingly, a movie based on this house was also made, starring Helen Mirren, who portrayed the iconic role of the crazed Sarah Winchester. Hence, if anybody is unable to visit the real house, they can always see the movie, which was filmed in the real Winchester house. Overall, we all can agree that we will never be able to figure out the bizarre construction of the house.